Breaking News: As One War Ends, Another Begins: Water Vikings Declare on Templars

NEW FROSTBITE, Water Vikings – Just mere moments after the Silver Empire broke their terms and ended war with the Templars, the Water Vikings have issued an immediate declaration of war against the Templars. What led to this sudden declaration from the Vikings?

Both armies have previously undergone war against each other this year, with the Templars  having declared war against the Water Vikings back in August. Exactly two months later, on 22nd November, moments after their triumphant win against the Silver Empire, the Templars find themselves in yet another war. Promptly after the abrupt end of this war, the Water Vikings announced a declaration of war against the Templars. Water Viking’s leader Aaronstone released a post titled ‘WOOOOOOO AGAIN LETS GOOOOOOO’. Stating their reasons for war as ‘not only doing this for Water Vikings, but the rest of the armies on CPAHQs map’, they then later on went to ask armies to unite and help defeat the Templars. 

Terms of War, as stated by the Water Vikings.

The Water Vikings were created by Jed Pen and Zakster on December 28th 2010. The Vikings have had a busy year, as they saw the dawn of a new generation and won the the Champions Cup VI. Recently, they were involved in World War VIII as part of the Western Bloc Alliance, and have been constant participants in the weekly Top Tens.

The Templars were created by Xing on April 4th 2018, and since then they have been an active but controversial army. In recent months, the Templars have been extremely busy, being involved in multiple wars against armies such as the Army of Club Penguin and the Silver Empire. They have also rapidly grown in size, and just recently they achieved first place in the weekly Top Ten.

CPAHQ reached out to Aaronstone of the Water Vikings and Xing of the Templars to find out more information about this upcoming war.


Xing: I wonder if WV will kill us now lol


It seems like both the Water Vikings and the Templars are prepared and ready for war, especially as both armies have achieved big milestones in recent months. Only time will tell if any armies will listen to the Water Viking’s plea to destroy the Templars, and enter the war. We wish both armies good luck as undergo the first invasion on the 24th November.

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