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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The CP Army Headquarters are excited to unveil our latest set of bi-weekly columns.

Hosted by Sweater

We’ll be kicking off our bi-weekly column series with ‘That Time When’, hosted by Editor Sweater. This history column will look at past scandals and controversial moments from both the original and private server army communities. For example: “That Time When the Pirates were Disqualified at the Legends Cup X”, or “That Time When the 2014 Army of CP Leadership Faked Event Pictures”. Which moments would you like to see covered? 

Hosted by Max

Your Tuesday column will see Editor Max speak with well known members of the community and ask for their ‘controversial opinions’ in regard to the army community and current events. The opinions may be serious or silly, and you will need to tune in each fortnight to find out who made the controversial statements. After the release, you’ll be able to join the debate by voting in our Polls channel on whether or not you agree!

Hosted by Disha

Editor Disha will be bringing you ‘Uniform Battle’ every other Wednesday, with two different members from two different armies submitting their beloved army uniform that they wear to events. We will be finding out exactly why they selected each item, before a group of fashion-forward uniform judges from the CP Army HQ staff decide on their favourite. You’ll be able to have your say too, with the chance to vote for your favourite look in our Polls channel.

Hosted by Spotty

Editor-in-Chief Spotty will be making her way around the community to speak with the unsung hero’s among the ranks – our Advisors! She’ll be quizzing them on a range of funny and pressing questions and dilemma’s to discover their very best advice for us.

Hosted by Rach

In our Thursday column, ‘Who Would Win?’, we will be putting two armies or two people against each other. But here’s the catch for this hypothetical match-off: it can be any army or person from any period across our 15 year history. For example: Who Would Win between Puckley’s Nachos and CSY’s Army of CP? Complete with full breakdowns and battle analysis, you’ll be able to once again have your say in the Polls channel after each release.

Hosted by Todoro

Our Saturday column, hosted by Todoro, will be the return of ‘Get To Know Your CPAHQ Staff’, as we interview a variety of staff members, be that admins, reporters, judges, graphics designers, or another member of our beloved staff team.

Everyone here at the CP Army HQ is extremely excited for the launch of these new columns, the first of which will be coming next Monday, November 15th.

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