WAP and Trojans War Ends in a Treaty

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  With the war coming to a close, Trojans have received a treaty. WAP has emerged victorious in this war, which lasted for 2 months.  What was the cause of the war, and what made it end with the treaty? Read on more to find out. 

On the 3rd of October 2021, the Trojans had announced their first war with the Wet Army Penguins. Since then, there had been tensions between the two armies, and they engaged in numerous battles.

Their first battle was on the 4th of September 2021 and was ruled a tie between the two armies. It was shortly after this when we saw the first declaration of war from WAP. After their first battle, they continued their war with ongoing battles which lasted about a little over 2 months.

Wap vs Trojans first war battle.

WAP victory event from war.

On the 8th of November 2021, WAP won the war, and a treaty was brought out towards Trojans due to WAP invading Trojans’ final piece of land.

Wap vs Trojans Treaty.

CPAHQ was able to reach out to Ivy and Misty for statements on how they think the war turned out at the end.

How do you think your army has performed throughout the entire war?

Ivy: We did really well! I’m proud that we gave it our all. In my eyes, we’ll always be champions.
Misty: I think WAP performed splendidly! I’m very happy with the way the members, especially the staff did! Special shoutout to Real and Cait for being such amazing LiTs. We’re using this victory to grow as an army and a community while still having fun : D

We see now that this war between WAP and Trojans has now finally come to an end. While there had been tensions between the two armies, it seems that things might calm down for now. As stated by both leaders of the armies, they are proud of their own army for showing what they can do on being successful throughout the entire war. 



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