Water Vikings Declares War on Help Force

ICEBERG, Water Vikings – Recently, Water Vikings issued a war declaration on Help Force. What was the reason for the declaration? 

On October 25th, 2021 Water Vikings declared war on Help Force. WV state the reason was that HF showed aggression and attempts at conquering their allies, Siver Empire. As stated in their post, WV believes that they will win the war even with their opponent’s size advantage. Lastly mentioned in the war post, the Water Vikings stated that they’re breaking their alliance with the Army of Club Penguin. 

Water Vikings war terms on help force


Water Vikings were created on December 28 2010 by Jen Pen and Zaksters. The army has grown and made several noticeable impacts on the community, some of which include winning wars against major armies. Their most notable feat as of recently was winning the Champions Cup VI tournament.



Water Viking’s battle against Templars in the Champion Ship

Help Force was created on March 11th in 2018 by Ayan. While the army has been defaced before, HF has been able to grow to impressive sizes. Since created, HF has participated in many wars and tournaments, and climbing impressive heights in the Top Tens, and has recently reached 2nd.


Recent Help Force event

To get more information for the upcoming war, CPAHQ reached out to both aaronstone, a leader in Water Vikings, and Vedent, a leader in Help Force for a statement on the war.


Aaronstone: Basically they’re pushing around an army that’s smaller than them iirc when the war started Help Force was a top 3 army and got 30-35 events while SE got 15. SE is our brother ally and we will help them fight their war
We tried to reach out to the Help Force leaders however we got no response from them.
It seems that Water Vikings are ready to face Help Force with them attacking Silver Empire from earlier and with Help Force is kind of anonymous. But what we can make sure of is that CPAHQ will keep everyone up to date with the war.


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