CPAHQ Official Statement Towards Water Vikings Multilogging Accusations

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In the most recent Champions Cup Grand Final battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings, allegations were brought to the CPAHQ Administration team in regards to the Water Vikings attempting to multilog at the final battle.

In the early morning hours of October 26th, 2021, the administration was approached by a member of the Templars with a link to the Help Force‘s declaration of war, which can be found here. In the post, the Help Force accuses members of the Water Vikings Leadership of multilogging on one occasion at an event. It was later explained by a member of the Templars that the Water Vikings had multilogged during the final battle as well.

In an attempt to ensure the most accurate ruling in this matter, a video of the battle was sent to me as well as two other members of the CPAHQ staff team.

The Help Force claimed that an account by the name of PeachPie33 is an alternate account of a Water Vikings leader and that this account may have been present at the final battle.

After viewing the video, I and the other two staff members who viewed it as well, all three of us were unable to see the account present in the battle.

With that, there will be no sanctions brought forth to the Water Vikings after a conclusion was made that the Water Vikings did not multilog at the Grand Final with the proof provided to us.

This was a thorough investigation. Each member who viewed the video also went ahead and viewed every event picture we had access to as well as pictures posted on both armies ‘ websites of the battle. Each of us was unable to find the account in question. In recognizing that the three of us came to the same conclusion, it was clear that this battle was a clean and fair one.


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