Uno Reverse: Eclipse Issues Counter-Declaration of War onto Wet Army Penguins

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Mere days after the Wet Army Penguins declared war on the Eclipse, the latter did not hold back and decided to counter-declare war. What was the reason behind declaring war back? How did Wet Army Penguins react to this?

In a recent turn of events, and after having received a war declaration from the Wet Army Penguins just 4 days back, Eclipse decided to counter-declare. On the 22nd of October, Todoro, the creator and one of the current commanders of Eclipse wrote a post on the army’s official website stating that WAP’s doings had gone a little too far for them to look past it, and it was about time that they fought back. Da Best, one of the other commanders of the army had written a similar post, about a week ago on October 15th, accusing the Wet Army Penguins of denying the terms of war, and limiting certain members from being a part of the Eclipse. In a week’s time, the tension and the animosity between the two armies have only risen, and it seems like war was the only option to deal with this situation. The terms of the war, according to the leadership of Eclipse are below.

Eclipse’s terms of war. Click to expand.

The Wet Army Penguins were created on the 7th of August by Pandor. They had their opening event, just two days later, and they have been played an active part in the army community ever since. Although, it has been just 2 months since their arrival in the army community, it has managed to constantly get maxes of 10 and more at their events, their highest max being 22, which they achieved just yesterday against a battle with the Trojans. Apart from this, recently they have had a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin, as well as the Silver Empire.

WAP maxing 22 in a battle with Trojans. Click to expand.

The Eclipse of Club Penguin was created on July 31st, by Todoro. The army has battled against notable armies such as the Trojans and Golden Troops but temporarily closed down on the 17th of September. They revived again on the 17th of October, and has had training events since then, including a Sled Racing Tournament and a Practice Battle with the Trojans.

Eclipse in a recent practice battle with the Trojans. Click to expand.

To further our understanding of the initial declaration and the upcoming war, CPAHQ reached out to Pandor of Wet Army Penguins, and Todoro and Da Best of Eclipse.

Pandor: We declared first, therefore our terms apply. Simple.

Todoro: We would like to say gl to wap. But ecp would do our very best throughout the war and that we hope to gain more strength from it as well.

Da Best: I think WAP declaring war was silly as we had some nice war terms which was fair for both sides and that was just no transfers but instead they wanted to make life harder on themselves. We still believe in a fair war so we have no idea what will happen in the future but we will still be nice about it even if Pandor and Smithy start taking this war too seriously to the extent that it becomes violent.
To WAP: We wish you good luck with the war and hope this goes smoothly for both parties.

With both armies having declared war on each other, it seems that the war will not end so soon. It will definitely be interesting to see how this war pans out. We wish both armies good luck in their future endeavours, and CP Army Headquarters will keep you posted.

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