Top Ten Armies [10/17/21 – 10/23/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – War continues to ravage the community and many armies begin to see a resurgence, though others get the brunt with a historic drop.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [65.61]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [63.32]

3. Help Force [+0] [57.40]

4. Templars [+2] [56.00]

5. Water Vikings [+2] [50.33]

6. Silver Empire [-1] [39.88]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+2] [29.50]

8. Army of Club Penguin [-4] [29.08]

9. Wet Army Penguins [RETURN] [25.00]

10. Trojans [-2] [21.80]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Tiger Warriors [+0] [17.50]

12. Red Ravagers [-2] [15.17]

13. Special Weapons and Tactics [RETURN] [14.50]

14T. Eclipse of CP [-2] [12.50]

14T. Dark Vikings [-1] [12.50]

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Bios were compiled by Spotty, Action and Shallissa

1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a total of 6 magical themed events for their Harry Potter week. Their wizarding week began with a Hogwarts’ Opening Ceremony with 41 students in attendance. Next, 47 members competed in the Hogwarts’ Houses vs Water Vikings practice battle. Later in the week things got “Sirius” with 28 members participating in an Escape from Azkaban event. The Ice Warriors hosted a TriWizard Cup: Second Task event which saw a max of 31 members, later engaging in a Wizard Showdown vs Water Vikings with a size of 27 penguins. To end their week, 37 members defeated evil during their Battle of Hogwarts event.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a grand total of 9 events this week, starting with the Ultimate Showdown with 43 rebels in attendance. Tuesday saw 2 events, with 22 troops cheering their way through Rebel Spirit, and 27 surfers riding the wave in Surf’s Up. On Wednesday, 27 participated in Norse Legends. Thursday once again saw 2 events, 30 crazy hat lovers showed off their style in Hats Off To You, with 34 attending Eye Of The Bolder. Followed by, 33 bats flying around the island in It Be Like That. The Rebels finished their week with Operation Ghost Reunion with a max of 28 and Operation Spooky Selection with 24 online.

3. Help Force: The Help Force held 4 events this week. Starting with invading Winter Way, a total of 30 troops could be seen at the battle. They were then invaded, and 25 helpers showed up to defend their server Ice Pack. They once more decided to invade, this time invading the server Snow Angel with a max of 32. Finally, to end of the week one last invasion was held of the server Antarctic, peaking at 29 troops online.

4. Templars: This week saw the Templars hold just 3 events. Their spent their first event of the week training ready for their Champions Cup battles, with 41 in attendance. This was followed by another training session, however this time against the Trojans, with 37 logging on. They finished the week of with 51 Templars logging on to battle it out in the Champions Cup Finals.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a very memorable week, holding a total of 6 events. They started their week off with their Champions Cup battle against the Red Ravagers, with a size of 24. Next, 21 penguins logged on ready to participate in a Sled Racing Tournament, followed by 16 spooky monsters attending Frankenstein’s Monster Takeover. 15 troops logged on ready to help the Western Bloc battle it out against the Vengeance Alliance, and 16 fabulously dressed members attended the Costume Party Battle vs the Ice Warriors. The Water Vikings finished their week off with being crowned the winners of the Champions Cup Final against the Templars, with 43 Vikings helping to secure the win.

6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held a total of 5 events this week. Kicking it off with a Sled Racing tournament, 15 Silvers showed up fighting for the number one spot. Next, a Spooky Takeover with the Ice Warriors saw a max of 10 troops. Later, the invasion of Ice Pack saw 16 troops in attendance. The next day, the silvers were this time on the defense of their server Snow Angel with peaking at 20 troops online. The final event of the week, 12 troops of the silver Empire dressed up as ghosts and went around the island scaring people.

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: Thee People’s Imperial Confederation held 4 events this week, starting with their 2 year anniversary that saw 23 excited penguins logging onto celebrate. This was followed by an CPR/Roblox Extravaganza with a size of 14. Next, 7 members attended the TypeRacer party and 14 troops took part in Event Hoorah.

8. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held a grand total of 6 events this week. Beginning with a Cart Surfing tournament, a total of 11 attendees were recorded attending the battle. On Wednesday, they took part in the invasion of Winter Way maxing 8. Friday saw them showing up to help defend the Help Force owned server Ice Peak with 8 troops in attendance. Then they logged on once more to help invade Snow Angel, with 12 troops in attendance. Their second to last event of the week was a Halloween themed event with 12 spooky ghosts showing their presence. To close out the week, they helped invade the server Antarctic with a max of 15 troops.

9. Wet Army Penguins: The Wet Army Penguins held only two events this week. They began the week with a US training session, maxing 11 soldiers online. The WAP army concluded their week with an exciting battle against the Trojans, mustering 23 penguins in total.

10. Trojans: Trojans held 5 events this week. They started their week off with an EU training event and a Hide and Seek event, maxing 7 in both events respectively. Later they hosted a speed training with 7 members in attendance. Towards the end of the week 8 members attended a battle against Templars. Their week concluded with a battle against WAP with 12 members participating.

The Top Ten this week exhibits the results of many happenings over the past week. The Top 3 once again remains unmoved with the Ice Warriors clutching the highly sought after top spot once more, followed closely in second by their Rebel Penguin Federation allies. Once more the Help Force snatch third place during their heated war with the Silvers, trailed by the ever eager Templars who have risen back to fourth. The Water Vikings, riding the wave of their victory in the recently concluded Champions Cup VI, climb their way to fifth deservingly. The Silvers fall to sixth despite their best efforts in the ongoing conflicts they are engaged in. The People’s Imperial Confederation surprisingly propel themselves to seventh after celebrating their 2 year anniversary. The Army of Club Penguin, possibly at their lowest Top Ten placement since their return in 2019. drop dramatically to eighth place with a considerable size decrease. At the lower end of the Top Ten we see the return of the Wet Army Penguins in ninth, coming in hot with wars featuring Eclipse and Trojans, the latter of which managed to secure tenth despite a slight fall in the ranks.

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