Champions Cup Round One Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  The Champions Cup VI finally begun this week, and just like that the first round has already come to an end. Here we see the results on how the first round went. Which armies have made it so far? Were your predictions right? Let’s read on more to find out. 

 Silver Empire vs Wet Army Penguins

The first battle of the Champions Cup VI saw the Silver Empire go up against the Wet Army Penguins. Recently, the top ten has shown a size difference of 10 between the 2 armies, with predictions claiming for a 3-0 win for SE. However, the Wet Army Penguins decided not to attend. Despite this, the Silver Empire had 18 of their troops show up to use this as a great practise opportunity. Therefore, with Wet Army Penguins not showing, the Silver Empire was deemed the winners after room 1.

Silver Empire vs Wet Army Penguins.

Water Vikings vs People’s Imperial Confederation

The second battle of the cup saw the Water Vikings log on against the People’s Imperial Confederation. With both armies ranking just 3 places of each other in the recent top ten, this was predicted to be a close battle. Throughout all three rooms, the Water Vikings held a size advantage of approximately 10, allowing them to cover PIC with larger formations. As a result of this, the battle was declared as a Water Viking victory of 3-0.

Water Vikings vs People’s Imperial Federation.

Wet Army Penguins vs Templars of Club Penguin

The last battle of round one saw the Templars go up against the Wet Army Penguins. Recently, the Templars have been a regular top 5 army, and are growing week by week. Despite WAP once again not attending, the Templars showed off their recent recruiting efforts with a max of 40 penguins logging on. The Templars were crowned the winners of this battle after room 1.

Templars vs Wet Army Penguins.

The first round of the Champions Cup VI was for sure an interesting one. We have seen a total of four armies go up against each other to earn a spot at the top of their table. Were the predictions from the staff team right for the first round? Which armies do you guys think will win round 2 of the Champions Cup VI tournament? 



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