TheMightyA Bids Farewell from Golden Troops, Post Malone Army Faces Closure.

East Shoreline, Former Post Malone Army CapitalAfter we notice the end of the Fall Apart war, TheMightyA retires from the Golden Troops, and with it the closure of the Post Malone Army. What led to this happen?

TheMightyA first found out about armies in December of 2019, being recruited by the Doritos of Club Penguin, ranking up all the way to 3rd in Command. He would eventually leave the Doritos in April of 2020 to revive the Golden Troops with a couple of his friends. He was able to lead the Golden Troops to notable heights – consistently ranking among the Top 5 armies in the S/M Top Tens, and participating in multiple tournaments such as Legends Cup X and Beach Brawl.

Recent war battle of Golden Troops vs. People’s Imperial Confederation.

Mighty’s also known for being in other armies such as Special Weapons And Tactics and Water Vikings. In October of 2020, Mighty created the Post Malone Army, with the intention of it being a meme army that doesn’t do Club Penguin events. However, PMA would go on to partake in the army community in a more serious manner by engaging in conflicts such as the Fall Apart war with the People’s Imperial Confederation.

On the 12th of September 2021, Mighty released a blog post addressing his army retirement which can be found here. One of the reasons he quit was due to focus on his school and mental health, understandably. With his retirement, PMA co leader Kattle announced the closure of the Post Malone Army with the permission of Mighty.

Post Malone Army closure announcement.

To get more info about his retirement and the closure of Post Malone,  Club Penguin Army Network managed to contact TheMightyA for an interview about what’s next for him and his army.

What was the reason you retired from armies?

TheMightyA: School was coming back around, and combined with my mental health I just didn’t have time for armies anymore, no point in keeping a leader role if your not gonna be able to do anything with it

Why did the Post Malone Army shut down?

TheMightyA: Well PMA wasn’t meant to be more than a joke army, so when it got involved with wars and way too many servers we didn’t feel it was necessary to keep it around anymore

Are you ever considering coming back to the army community in the future?

TheMightyA: Maybe, depends if I have any time.

What was your favorite moment within both Golden Troops and Post Malone Army?

TheMightyA: Damn there’s so many, PMA probably playing among us with a uniform and trying to let CPAHQ count that as an event (they didn’t :((( and GT just bringing back this historic army and building this community in general, it’s been lots of fun and I’m glad I was apart of it even if it wasn’t nearly as long this go around

If you could change anything from your past army self, what would it be?

TheMightA: Absolutely nothing, I never regretted anything I’ve done and I never will

Is there anything else you wanna add?

TheMightyA: Hell will always be unleashed!

Despite his retirement, Mighty might have plans to return in the future if the circumstance allows, as the Post Malone Army definitely left an impact on the meme army community.

How will the Golden Troops run without his leadership? Let us know in our Discord server.


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