CPAHQ’s Night of Debauchery Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Last nights live awards show was a massive success, with plenty of exciting moments to remember.


The festivities began with a dramatic reading of a Lord Pain quote, followed by a moment of silence for all the lives lost during the Pain Wars.

These leaders are leading like children and they actually really consider the emotions of their worthless enemies. They are not lions like me they are not ready to take a persons soul. I am and I am fully intending to demonstrate live action what this community is supposed to look like and how we are supposed to use our energy and our emotions to make our armies better. There is no limit on hate speech for me, there is no limit on invasions for me, there is no consideration of how people feel for me. There is just bloody war until my enemy is smashed into the ground dead but not before they watch everything they love burn. ACP that is what is going to happen to you so get ready for that because no matter how long it takes for me to make this your reality believe me its coming.

-Lord Pain

During the show, CPAHQ also teased our impending redesign, as shown here.  This graphic, alongside others, will debut soon.


After an opening monologue by yours truly, the show truly began with the results of the S/M Army Awards.  This was followed by the Community Awards, which were presented by Sidie9.  Then, the Major Army Awards were revealed.  But, the spectacular night ended with an exclusive appearance from Lord Pain.  It was most certainly, a night to remember.  For those who were unable to attend, all of the results can be seen in this post.  We’d like to thank everyone who attended, it was a lot of fun.  I believe we had 48 listeners at one point, but the highest photo we have is of 40.

Reminder: Certain awards were decided with Ranked Choice Voting.  For these awards, ballots were required to choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place choice without duplicates.  Putting someone in first place was 9 votes.  Putting someone in second place was 6 votes.  Putting someone in third place was 3 votes.  The nominee with the most votes overall won the award.

Major Army Awards

Best Major Army

1st: Ice Warriors (789 votes)

2nd: Rebel Penguin Federation (786 votes)

3rd: Army of Club Penguin (438 votes)

4th: Help Force (426 votes) 5th: Templars (336 votes) 6th: Silver Empire (324 votes) 7th: Water Vikings (315 votes) 8th: Special Weapons and Tactics (198 votes)

Best Major Army Leader

1st: Kally (372 votes)

2nd: F6er (369 votes)

3rd: Xing (366 votes)

4th: Icequeen (309 votes) 5th: Csy (306 votes) 6th: Iceyfeet1234 (294 votes) 7th: Racecar4 (216 votes) 8th: Elexonck (201 votes) 9th: Revan and Amber/Electrumm (195 votes) 11th: Aaronstone42 (189 votes) 12th: Barnito (138 votes) 13th: Elio/Max (132 votes) 14th: Cubster and Ayan (126 votes) 16th: Mare (111 votes) 17th: Coolguy (102 votes)

Best Major Army HCOM

1st: Comedy/Omsk (43 votes)

2nd: Ferdthebird1 (37 votes)

3rd: Oreo (34 votes)

4th: Robot (26 votes) 5th: Levelz (22 votes) 6th: Brenatto (21 votes) 7th: Joe/Foofee112 and Camotes (10 votes)

Most Achieved

1st: Xing (456 votes)

2nd: Iceyfeet1234 (378 votes)

3rd: F6er (357 votes)

4th: Csy (339 votes) 5th: Sweater (300 votes) 6th: DMT (297 votes) 7th: Amber/Electrumm (246 votes) 8th: Sidie9 (240 votes) 9th: Aaronstone42 (237 votes) 10th: Elio/Max (207 votes) 11th: Rach (187 votes) 12th: Ayan (141 votes) 13th: Barnito and Elexonck (114 votes)

Biggest Retirement

1st: AustinFraud (42 votes)

2nd: Csy (39 votes)

3rd: Elio/Max (31 votes)

4th: Erick (26 votes) 5th: Mare (18 votes) 6th: TD999 (17 votes) 7th: Shallissa (14 votes) 8th: Cassie (11 votes) 9th: Supremep0wer (5 votes)

S/M Army Awards

Best S/M Army

1st: Fire Warriors (987 votes)

2nd: People’s Imperial Confederation (858 votes)

3rd: Smart Penguins (570 votes)

4th: Red Ravagers (453 votes) 5th: Golden Troops (402 votes) 6th: Secret Service (390 votes)

Best S/M Army Leader

1st: LEGOMAN (708 votes)

2nd: Sweater (549 votes)

3rd: AustinFraud (384 votes)

4th: df44 (294 votes) 5th: Sidie9 (282 votes) 6th: Dman64w (225 votes) 7th: Superhero123 (198 votes) 8th: ThePieLord and Kattle11 (195 votes) 10th: Todoro (180 votes) 11th: TheMightyA (159 votes) 12th: Ivy/Otter (153 votes) 13th: Aydoon12 (99 votes)

Best S/M Army HCOM

1st: Ugly (51 votes)

2nd: Cabin (50 votes)

3rd: Bomobuddy (33 votes)

4th: Rach (26 votes) 5th: Da Best (19 votes) 6th: Langly (13 votes) 7th: Will (11 votes)

Best New Army

1st: Smart Penguins (96 votes)

2nd: Secret Service and Dua Inn Lipa Fighters (35 votes)

4th: Skateboarders/Trojans (27 votes) 5th: Spartans (18 votes) 6th: Eclipse of Club Penguin (14 votes) 7th: Sea Serpents (8 votes)

Best Troll Army

1st: Wet Army Penguins (49 votes)

2nd: Dua Inn Lipa Fighters (47 votes)

3rd: Sidie’s Rangers (41 votes)

4th: Post Malone Army (34 votes) 5th: Silver Kids/Script Kiddies (32 votes)

Community Awards

Most Consistent Army

1st: Rebel Penguin Federation (77 votes)

2nd: Ice Warriors (50 votes)

3rd: Templars (33 votes)

4th: Water Vikings (22 votes) 5th: People’s Imperial Confederation (21 votes)

Biggest Rise

1st: Templars (63 votes)

2nd: Help Force (42 votes)

3rd: People’s Imperial Confederation (40 votes)

4th: Fire Warriors (34 votes) 5th: Silver Empire (26 votes)

Most Dramatic Fall

1st: Army of Club Penguin (67 votes)

2nd: Doritos of Club Penguin (46 votes)

3rd: Fire Warriors (30 votes)

4th: Silver Empire (27 votes) 5th: Special Weapons and Tactics (25 votes) 6th: Spartans (9 votes)

Best War

1st: TCP vs SWAT (57 votes)

2nd: PIC vs GT & PMA (53 votes)

3rd: TCP vs WV (42 votes)

4th: War of Estranged Brothers (36 votes) 5th: Golden Intelligence War (15 votes)

Best Tournament

1st: Legends Cup XI (111 votes)

2nd: Project: Conquest (53 votes)

3rd: Challengers Cup 2 (39 votes)

Best Battle

1st: Legends Cup XI Final (39 votes)

2nd: Challengers Cup 2 Championship Round (35 votes)

3rd: Legends Cup XI Semifinal HF vs IW (33 votes)

4th: Battle of Ascent (23 votes) 5th: Battle of Dragon Alley (22 votes) 6th: Challengers Cup 2 Round 2 PIC vs SS (20 votes) 7th: 3rd TCP vs WV Battle (14 votes) 8th: Battle of Cabin (13 votes)

Best Rivalry

1st: TCP vs WV (57 votes)

2nd: ACP vs IW (46 votes)

3rd: SWAT vs TCP (42 votes)

4th: SE vs HF & RR (32 votes) 5th: FW vs ECP (27 votes)

Best Organization

1st: Club Penguin Army Headquarters (92 votes)

2nd: Club Penguin Army Outreach (51 votes)

3rd: Club Penguin Army Network (47 votes)

4th: Club Penguin Army Politics & Philosophy (12 votes) 5th: Prosect (1 vote)

Best Organization Head

1st: LEGOMAN (58 votes)

2nd: DMT (51 votes)

3rd: Iceyfeet1234 (31 votes)

4th: F6er (24 votes) 5th: Potassium456 (17 votes) 6th: Lord Pain (16 votes) 7th: Eden (5 votes)

Biggest Moment

1st: ACP Mass Retirements (60 votes)

2nd: Community Pride Parade (34 votes)

3rd: LCXI ran by Independent Army Board (27 votes)

4th: CPAN is created (26 votes) 5th: RPF wins LCXI (24 votes) 6th: CPAHQ Opens General Chat 7th: Project: Conquest Debuts (14 votes)

Most Controversial Moment

1st: HF vs IW Disrupted by CPR Kicks (44 votes)

2nd: TCP Banned from CPAN (42 votes)

3rd: Fire Warriors Fall into Disarray and Close Down (40 votes)

4th: CPAN Falsely Declares Sidie9 is Mansionz (34 votes) 5th: ACP pulls out of LCXI (29 votes) 6th: TCP Removed from Project: Conquest (14 votes)

Brightest Bulb

1st: Lord Pain (71 votes)

2nd: Fulcrum23 (61 votes)

3rd: Ronaldo Vargas (45 votes)

4th: DeeP (26 votes)

Admin Awards

Sidie9’s Chaotic Evil Award

In an interesting summer we find many of those who seek to maintain order in the community and heal the fractures that plague us, whether it be through a unified LCXI or the petition to unify community judging. We did, however, come across numerous individuals who can only be described as seeking total destruction, whose only desire is to be the harbinger of CPA’s demise. Though Zing and his lovely commentaries that plague numerous army Discords come in a close second, the winner of this award goes to Ugly and his 6 ballots submitted into the Summer Awards. His actions are those that demonstrate a true chaotic evil mindset, one who disregards all forms of authority and refuses to participate in society. Congratulations!

-Sidie9, CPAHQ Associate Director

DMT’s Certificate of Reading Comprehension

The administration spent a good chunk of time workshopping these awards.  We wanted to introduce certain elements that removed the idea of summer awards being a popularity contest.  In our minds, Ranked Choice Voting helped ease the swell of voters who just vote for their buddies.  However, one thing we clearly overestimated was the inability for people to follow the one rule for ballots.  That rule was not selecting the same nominee multiple times in the Ranked Choice Voting awards.  When the clock strikes midnight after the last day of voting on September 5th, 279 ballots were submitted.  Yet, after examining each ballot to confirm their validity, we were left with 203 ballots.  I was left with no choice but to dedicate this award to the 76 individuals who could not follow the one rule that came with the Night of Debauchery, whether that was a product of an inability to read or a lack of patience to attempt to read.  Perhaps you all should apply for CPAHQ and let our editors whip you into shape.

-DMT, CPAHQ Director in Chief

Superhero’s Harbinger of Lord Pain Award

Let’s face it, you can’t have a true Night of Debauchery without a highly controversial individual across the community having his moment. For our Night of Debauchery, this individual took the form of Lord Pain, who shared a part of his infinite army wisdom with us during the finale of the show. This award is dedicated to the one who made the appearance of such an extremely legendary figure possible, and that one is our fellow community member and CPAO enthusiast Potassium. Thank you Potassium for offering such a great gift to the CPA community yesterday night.

-Superhero123, CPAHQ Website Manager

Kingfunks4’s Top Ghoster Award

There is nothing worse than when you suggest some amazing plan, or you share your love, but you don’t get a response and the other person pretends you don’t exist. This is something that DMT faces in his day-to-day life. However, he never thought he would be ghosted when it came to CP Armies. This was the case when CPAN did not even respond to CPAHQs invitation to discuss the judging systems in CP Armies. This probably follows the line of refusing to mention CPAHQ by name in posts (apart from if has definitely done something again!). Therefore, I am pleased to announce the winner of the Top Ghoster Award is the Club Penguin Army Network Administration– my DMs are open to accept the award.

-Kingfunks4, CPAHQ Discord Manager

Fusion’s Christening of a New Editor

Ensuring our posts have top quality, it is apparent that we are indeed human and mistakes happen. Sometimes not all edits are caught the first go around of editing. Thankfully, we at CPAHQ have someone who is able to catch every mistake printed on our website. Without the hard work of Kyle, we would not be where we are today. Kyle time and time again is able to show us that we must be perfect in every aspect of our writing. Without his editing callouts, our timely posts would be irrelevant and worthless.

-Fusion, CPAHQ Associate Director

The Head Judges’ Seal of Approval

Judging can sometimes be demanding and repetitive, especially with both battles and JiT evaluations feeling like clockwork. However, one member of our judging team always goes that extra mile to make sure that each and every judging experience is unique and different. Without our judge Mchappy, most battles would consist of going to the same three rooms and every JiT evaluation would be unexciting. Mchappy has always been able to put a change into his judging, with his keen and passionate JiT evaluations of ‘1. Good, 2. Good, 3. Yes’ and his exciting room decisions such as his igloo and the stage. If it wasn’t for Mchappy, each battle would be the same dull rooms and every JiT evaluation would be unvaried. As a result of all his effort and hardwork, the Head Judges are proud to award him with their special Seal of Approval.

-Spotty, CPAHQ Head Judge

DMT’s Quick Maffs Award

I had to return for another award.  I wanted to highlight some armies that go the extra mile when competing for spots on the Top Ten.  Sure, every army leader wants to get to the top.  But some armies go as far as pulling max numbers out of nowhere.  The preferred method of doing so varies.  Some armies, like the Special Weapons and Tactics, love to cover half the room with a player card that has most certainly not been updated to reflect the true size.  Or the Templars, who are unable to ever make a clean formation for their max picture, making it impossible to count to verify their extremely high claims.  Or even the People’s Imperial Confederation, who tack on a couple invisible troops in the hopes that DMT makes a mistake in the early hours of his calculations.  Nevertheless, these three armies demonstrate tactical brilliance and questionable math skills in order to reach the top of a list that definitely still holds meaning.  Congratulations to the three aforementioned armies for reminding me why the average age in this community is higher than ever before!

-DMT, CPAHQ Director in Chief

Special thank you to our designer Haley for these AMAZING trophies!


CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

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