DrQueen promoted to Ice Warriors leader

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Last week, the army community witnessed the high command DrQueen get promoted to the Ice Warriors leadership. What led to this new addition to leadership?

The Ice Warriors was created in June 2007 by Club Penguin Army Legend Iceyfeet1234. Ever since their creation, the Warriors have been an indestructible major army above the most. The army would turn out to be one of the most dominant armies in the modern era, winning tournaments such as March Madness 2021 and reaching number one on this week’s Top Ten.

Iceyfeet announcing DrQueen’s promotion.

On September 4th, Iceyfeet introduced DrQueen to the Ice Warriors leadership after more than 5 months of being a Leader in Training. Icey stated that DrQueen’s dedication and commitment earned her this promotion. Icey stated that her amazing skills of managing multiple factors in the army couldn’t be ignored.

Ice Warrior’s recent event.

DrQueen was first recruited to armies in May of 2020, joining the Doritos of Club Penguin. After two weeks of service, she departed in favor of joining the Ice Warriors on May 26th, 2020. Amidst that time, Ice Warriors have decided to announce a brand new colony and a revival of the historic Water Ninjas army.

Fascinated by their rich history, DrQueen decided to join the Water Ninjas on September 6th, 2020. She quickly climbed between the ranks, earning her leader status in only a month. With the leadership of DrQueen, Kally, Freedomist, and IceQueen, the Water Ninjas were able to reach major army status while working with the Ice Warriors.

Water Ninjas under DrQueen’s leadership.

To learn more about her plans next for the Ice Warriors, we were able to get a special interview with DrQueen regarding her promotion to leader.

What was your first reaction to Iceyfeet promoting you to leader?

DrQueen: I was honestly very shocked, happy and couldn’t believe it was really happening! Ngl, I had a feeling my promotion was coming soon, but I was expecting it towards the end of September/early October, I was not expecting to be promoted this early

What are your plans for Ice Warriors now that you are a leader?

DrQueen: My goal is to help Ice Warriors grow bigger, as a family. Ice Warrior’s is nothing without its staff and troops and I want to help bring the community closer, whether it’s through random games, funny VC moments, or preparing for a big tournament, moments like these are what makes our bonds stronger with each other, which will help us with teamwork aspects and get IW to its desired goals. My biggest goal, is to bring home the dub for key tournaments, especially for Christmas Chaos, even tho its 2-3 months away, the 2020 CCX tournament held a lot of meaning to me, so definitely want to start building that mindset if we wanna win it.

What was your favorite memory throughout your time in Ice Warriors?

DrQueen: Prob all the times I was trolling while I was leading, hence some staff call me “IW’s troll”. I used to troll a lot when the other leaders weren’t looking. I do it more for the laughs and to make sure the staff/troops are having fun, given times are tough and long days at school, laughing is the best medication. Cannot forget the famous #LITTakeover event where IW’s current Leader in Training, Crisy and myself, were basically roasted half of the hcom and again trolled, prob one of my favorite memories

How do you think Ice Warriors will run under your leadership?

DrQueen: Only time will tell that. I think Ice Warriors will still be running as smoothly as ever, like before I even got inducted as a leader. Me joining the leadership team does bring in new ideologies that I would love to spread and promote to help our troops/staff advance their army career and to bring in new ideas to help IW grow and stay active. I do have some cool-themed week-long event ideas (like the Olympics) that I wanna try out with our community. I always go by the saying, you put in what you wanna get out. I’m always putting in hard work, hopefully, IW will benefit even more from that.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I, myself, DrQueen, the new leader of Ice Warriors, has declared war on the Elsa Warriors @IceQueen1020
Why declare War? Because IceQueen is just straight-up way too loud and I need to bring justice to the CPA community with her loudness and her attempt to “freeze” the community with “powers”
Here are the current War Terms:
-ur mom is not allowed to log on for you, bring on ur 2311920381028 Lil Elsa’s. You are no match against my Anti-Elsas and Lil DrQueen (Abi) army, See you on Alaska Snowforts sis xoxo
PS: too many ppl to shout out, but without my IW, WNCP, RPF, and Avocado Fam, I wouldn’t be here, love yalll and thank you for supporting on my journey, now time to make history shall we?

We’d like to congratulate DrQueen on her huge achievement! DrQueen seems very eager to bring new things to help the growth of her army. How will this leadership change affect the Warriors? The CP Army Network will keep you posted on any new updates regarding the Ice Warriors.

What do YOU think? Will DrQueen run a great leadership to the Ice Warriors? Leave YOUR thoughts in the CPAN discord main chat!


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