WAP Declares War on Trojans

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On September 4th, the Wet Army Penguins declared war on the Trojans. What tensions arised for the war declaration? 

On September 4th, WAP announced their declaration of war against the Trojans. Both armies fought in an unofficial war and now remain on hiatus. The Wet Army Penguins have provided few reasons why they decided to have war with the Trojans. They’ve claimed that the war started due to Trojan aggression. Trojan’s leader Ivy has also hinted that the actual war would begin on Tuesday following three battles.

WAP declaring war on Trojans

WAP, also known as the Wet Army Penguins, was created on August 7th, by Pandor and Toxic Storm. The army is fairly new to the community. The army has had few events maxing 5 or more.

Recent WAP Event

The Trojans, formally known as the Skateboarders, were created in late October 2020, by Ivy and Lukey. The army is fairly new as well, yet still getting into conflicts with other armies such as the Elite Federals early in the Summer. They’ve also attended one tournament; Challengers Cup 2.

Unofficial Battle – WAP Vs Trojans

The CP Army Headquarters reached out to both Pandor and Ivy to learn more about this developing conflict. Pandor had the following to say:

PandorReason is simple. They decided to raid our events when we said a little joke, thinking they are so strong and cool they decided to accuse us of hating minorities and females idek what that came from. tbh the main reason was how they wanted to raid so in order to settle this we just declared on them.

Ivy had the following statement: 

Ivy: WAP will die like the rest of the s/m community. Trojans will stand strong while they flee to larger armies:Cheesed:.

With both armies having different perspectives and conflicting views, it seems that this war won’t end so calmly. While this is till a developing story, the community has to just sit back and relax as yet another war unfolds. How will both armies fair?

What do YOU think? How will this war end and when? Will the war end by peace treaty? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section down below!


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  1. Fulcrum23 September 8, 2021 (9:08 am)

    I have a bad feeling about this war.

    • jewlstar September 14, 2021 (5:37 am)

      Why’s that?

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