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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Welcome to our first edition of getting to know your staff of CPAHQ. Where we learn what position they hold in for the organization. First up we talk to Fusion a current Associate Director. 

Fusion started his army career when he joined Most Wanted back in December of 2019, where he was able to rank up to 3ic. In January Most Wanted had shut down, he joined the Mayhem army shortly after. Soon after, Mayhem had merged into the Doritos. He then joined the Doritos in February and had ranked up to 4ic. He then left DCP at the end of March, then joined Ice Warriors. During his time in IW, Fusion was able to rank up to LIT in IW. He was also promoted to the leader for the Coup Crusaders in June of 2020, as they were an IW colony he then left the army in August. After a brief stint in the Dark Warriors,  in September he had gone back to IW and decided to stay until December of 2020. In February of 2021, Fusion had joined the Army of Club Penguin and was able to rank up to 4ic, followed by his retirement at the end of August.

He got his start in the league in April of 2020, where he had become a reporter and a judge for the Club Penguin Army League. He then, later on, became a reporter and judge for the Club Penguin Army Hub as well. As of August 30th, 2021, he was promoted to Associate Director or Club Penguin Army Headquarters.

CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to Fusion to share his story on how he started his staff and his army career.

What type of staff position do you currently hold in CPAHQ?

I was just promoted to Associate Director but for months prior to that, I was the Editor In Chief.

What was it like being editor-in-chief before you were promoted?

I’ll be honest, it was quite stressful, but I enjoyed every second of it! Getting the inside scoop on everything happening in the community was so enjoyable to me. It was also such a blessing to be working with the group of reporters that I am so blessed to be working with. Quite honestly, actual reporting is much more difficult than the job I had, the only difficult part was spacing out posts to go out at certain times. I won’t bore you all with those little details. The stressful part was making sure topics were getting claimed and released on time.

Do you have any favorite memories from being in armies?

Hmmm, there’s quite a few to pick from. If I had to pick one I would have to say the BIA war against the Doritos. It was so fun to finally see our longtime enemies finally get defeated. Although my opinions on them have changed now, at the time, I can’t think of a time when I was more excited for an army I was in. However, winning Project Conquest with ACP is a very close second.

Is there something you’d like the community to know?

Keep believing in yourself! You never know what you can accomplish from hard work and dedication! I started out in this community with an army that was hated by the admins of CPO and here I am. Life throws a lot of curveballs and you have to try your best to hit them 450 to dead center (baseball joke soz not soz). I am so thankful for everyone who encouraged me along the way to keep going, and especially my friends who told me to leave once and for all. I won’t call them out based on who said what but leila, sanam, quinn, drqueen, kailey, robot, cubster, csy, heather, phoebe, df, funks, DMT, rah, vanish, light, chek, and last but not least, the cow, yall are awesome. I probably forgot people, but I love you all for everything you’ve done for me!

Are there any last words you would like to add on?

Apply to be a reporter or banned.

Well, there you have it, folks! You got to know one of our many staff members, is there anything else that surprised you guys about fusion?

What do YOU think? Was Fusion interview fun to read, Do you think another staff member will have a more interesting backstory to armies? Let us know your thoughts down below as well as who you’d like to see in next week’s edition!


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