Study Hall: Smart Penguins Enter Lockdown Period

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguins Empire – After their most recent showing in the Challengers Cup, the Smart Penguins have decided that they will enter a lockdown period for the foreseeable future. Why did they decide to do this?

The Smart Penguins were founded in September of 2013, by Vivek, and since their most recent revival, they have slowly but surely grown into a semi-dominant small/medium army in this community. This current generation has been under the leadership of Superhero123, and Df44 since they revived back on June 26th of this year. Since the beginning of this generation, they have been involved in a number of notable events such as the Legends Cup XI, Challengers Cup, and a war against the Golden Troops.

Smart Penguins in a Battle Against the Golden Troops

More recently, however, on August 20th of this year, Df made a post on their website, which can be found HERE, that they will be putting the army on lockdown to focus on other things such as recruiting and growing their community. Another reason for this lockdown, as stated by Df,

“Following our ceasefire in our war against the Golden Troops, which ended with our victorious score of 6-0-3 (W/T/L), we decided to enter a lockdown period, since SP Legend Superhero123 retired and I am on a break, leaving SP leaderless. During this time, SP will focus on finding staff and rebuilding the community, allowing us to return stronger. So far, this is not to be considered the end of the generation.”

As mentioned in the post from Df, the army will not be closing, they will not, however, be participating in events, wars, tournaments, etc for the time being while they rebuild and wait for Df to return from his break that he has been on for quite some time.

With the brainiacs in lockdown, only time will tell how this break they are taking will pan out for them. We saw time and time again that SP sizes continued to grow from each judged event we were able to witness. Hopefully, they can continue on the same trend following their extended lockdown.

What do YOU think? How will the Smart Penguins regroup following this lockdown? Was this a good move for them? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!


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