War of Rusting Hope: PIC Declares War on Golden Troops

KLONDIKE: CP Army Headquarters – On August 19th, 2021 The People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops, What lead to this decision?

The People’s Imperial Confederation announced that they would be going to war with the Golden Troops in their discord server. The People’s Imperial Confederation announced the declaration of war in this website post. From the post, the Confederation sites “ongoing tensions” with the Golden Troops for quite some time. To go along with this, they also were involved in a war against a colony of the Golden Troops, the Post Malone Army.

PIC’s Terms for their War Against the Golden Troops

This is the second war for the Golden Troops in 30 days, as on the 30th of July (21 days ago), the Smart Penguins declared war on them for similar reasons.

Statement from PIC on their Website

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Shallissa a Commander-in-Chief of PIC and Simmonds2000 a leader of Golden Troops for a statement on how their army is taking the war.

Shallissa: The same way I handle ur mom. Just kidding… PIC plans on handling this war the same way we handled our war against PMA. With strength, intellect, camaraderie, and lots of fun.

Simmonds2000: The exact plans and organisation is being put into place but I’m afraid I can’t give too many details away in regards to our handling of this war. However I can say that we plan to win this war and will be making sure we do.

With the end of the Challengers Cup rapidly approaching, it seems as if the tensions are pretty high among the small/medium army community. The war may just be beginning for both sides, but it seems as if there are intentions from both sides of a long-lasting effect.

What do YOU think, will PIC beat Golden troops or will Golden Troops shine through and win? Is this the biggest war we have seen this summer? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below


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