People’s Imperial Confederation Declares War on Golden Troops

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – In a shocking update, the Golden Intelligence War thickens, as the People’s Imperial Confederation declares war on the Golden Warriors themselves. What caused this twist?

The People’s Imperial Confederation and the Smart Penguins declared war on the Post Malone Army and the Golden Troops, respectively, on July 30th. From various reasons ranging from aggressiveness from leaders, name-calling, and arguing over a ban, the war exploded, taking over the army community.

Earlier today the Smart Penguins ended their war with both the Posties and the Golden Troops. However, the People’s Imperial Confederation released a declaration of war on the Golden Troops earlier, titled “Feelin’ Rusty“. In the newly named war, The War of Rusting Hope, the Confederation stated that the Golden Troops had broken all ties with the Post Malone Army, despite having the same troops in both armies. The Golden Troops have now scheduled invasions against their own army, which is one of the Confederation’s major reasons for declaring war.

The People’s Imperial Confederation’s war terms for the Golden Troops.

To find out more about this shocking revelation, the Army Network successfully reached out to Aydoon2, one of the leaders of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Is the war against the Post Malone Army still in motion, since the Golden Troops are invading their land as well — or is the war solely focused on GT?

The war is focused on both Pma and gt and we will not stop until they are both eliminated.

Do you see an endpoint aside from total victory over either army?


Thanks for this wonderful interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Legoman has a crippling jaw line.

To learn more about the opposing view of the declaration, the CP Army Network reached out to Neha, leader of the Golden Troops to out more.

What do you feel about this new war, seeing as the PIC sees no end to this war?

Honestly there’s nothing much to it, it’s not like there’s gonna be anyone new added to the war. Same people fighting against the same people. Kinda funny if you really think about it.

Do you see your plans for either war changing, what with PIC focused on both PMA and GT?

Not particularly- we just signed our treaty with SP, so hopefully this all will wrap up soon.

Do you see an end to this war, without a force treaty for either PIC or GT?

Yea 100% i do. It’s gonna be a back and forth and soon enough both sides will get tired of it. I assume September drop will have a great effect on this war as well.

Thanks for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes! Remember my friends, be the bigger person! Hell Will Be Unleashed.

Currently, the People’s Imperial Confederation has scheduled an invasion of the Golden Troop’s land, Sled for August 23rd at 7:30 pm EST. What will this invasion result lead to? Don’t worry, the CP Army Network will continue to report on all updates regarding the War of Rusting Hope.

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of the invasion of Sled? Who do YOU will win this war? Leave your thoughts in our Discord Server!


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