Challengers Cup 2 Championship Round Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The time that we all have been longingly waiting for is finally here. It is the Championship Round of Challengers Cup 2, and the two armies which have made it this far are gearing up to the best of their abilities to battle it out in the final round. Which army will emerge victorious and take the trophy home? The staff at CPAHQ have given their predictions and thoughts on which army is likely to win.

People’s Imperial Confederation 

People’s Imperial Confederation, as an army, has achieved a lot this month. They have made it to the 8th position in the Top Ten this week, and for the semi-final round, they maxed 18 troops in their victory against the Secret Service. More information on this battle can be found HERE.

PIC battling SS in Challengers Cup 2 – Round 2

Fire Warriors

The Fire Warriors have had a pretty great month as well, having secured the 11th position this week in the Top Ten. They battled against the Smart Penguins in the semi-final round and emerged victorious, which can be found HERE, and the coverage of which can be found HERE.

FW battling SP in Challengers Cup 2 – Round 2

Who will win this final round, and claim the title of ‘Champion of Challengers Cup 2’? Here’s what the CPAHQ staff has to say.

DMT, Director-in-Chief – Fire Warriors (2-1)

VanishVice Director – Fire Warriors (2-1)

Sidie9, Associate Director – People’s Imperial Confederation (2-0-1)

Funks, Site Manager – Fire Warriors (3-0)

Superhero123, Site Manager – People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Chief – Fire Warriors (2-1)

Rach, Column Manager – Fire Warriors (2-1)

As the day of the Championship draws near, we can’t wait to see how both the armies do and who will take the trophy home. It will definitely be a very intense and close battle. We wish both the armies all the very best for it. May the odds be ever in their favor!

What do YOU think? Who will win this Tournament? How will it turn out to be for the army that does not win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or in our discord server! 


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