Challengers Cup Round Two Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The first round of the Challengers Cup has ended, with four armies losing their place in the tournament. Tomorrow, two battles will determine who will be battling in the finals. Which two armies will face off in the finals? The CPAHQ staff have you covered with their predictions.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Secret Service

PIC during their Challengers Cup Round One battle, where they maxed 17

The first battle of the day will be against the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Secret Service. The People’s Imperial Confederation came 8th on the Top Ten this week and maxed 17 in their first round battle. Alternately, the Secret Service were 13 this week on the Top Ten and maxed 13 in their Challengers Cup Round One battle. Who will come out victorious, the People’s Imperial Confederation or the Secret Service? Let’s see what CPAHQ staff think:

DMT, Director-in-Chief-  People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0)

Superhero123, Site Manager-  People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1)

Rach, Column Manager-  People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0)

Doug, Vice Director-  People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0)

Crazzy, Head Moderator-  Secret Service (2-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Chief-  People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0)

Smart Penguins vs. Fire Warriors

FW during their Challengers Cup Round One battle, maxing 19

The last battle of the day, and the final battle of Challengers Cup Round Two, will be between the Smart Penguins and the Fire Warriors. The Smart Penguins were 9th on the Top Ten this week and maxed 12 in Round One of the Challengers Cup. On the other hand, the Fire Warriors came 11th this week on the Top Ten and maxed 19 in the previous round of the Challengers Cup. How will this battle turn out? Let’s see what CPAHQ staff had to say.

DMT, Director-in-Chief-  Fire Warriors (2-1)

Superhero123, Site Manager-  Smart Penguins (3-0)

Rach, Column Manager-  Fire Warriors (2-0-1)

Doug, Vice Director-  Smart Penguins (2-1)

Crazzy, Head Moderator-  Fire Warriors (2-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Chief-  Fire Warriors (3-0)

As we can see, these armies maxed fairly similar sizes in the first round of the Challengers Cup. This will be a close battle, and we here at the Club Penguin Army Headquarters cannot wait to broadcast the news of which armies go through to the finals. Make sure to watch for CC2 updates on the CPAHQ Discord server!

What do YOU think? Do you have contradicting predictions from the ones CPAHQ staff gave, or do you predict similarly? Comment your predictions down below or write them in our Discord server!

Da Best
CP Army Headquarters- Reporter

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