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KLONDIKE: CP Army Headquarters – Recently, with the Legends Cup XI ending soon, and the Challengers Cup 2 just about to begin – we see the arrival of a new army, the Eclipse of Club Penguin. What is the motivation behind creating a new army?

The Eclipse of Club Penguin was created on July 31st, by Todoro. Since then, they have had 5 events, and 1 practice battle with the Skateboarders. For their opening event, held on the 31st of July, they maxed a total of six penguins online, which can be found HERE.

Eclipse of Club Penguin at their Grand Opening Event

Todoro, the creator and the current leader of the army, has been a part of the army community since June, last year. She was recruited by Honda and Aisha to the Dark Bandits on Club Penguin Written. After the Dark Bandits shut down, Todoro joined the Red Ravagers, where she became a Moderator, before leaving. She then joined the Doritos of CP, where she soon became a Moderator, but eventually left to join the Golden Troops as a Moderator, and eventually a member of HCOM. Somewhere during this time, she found Fire Ninjas and helped led there until they merged into Secret Service where she again led for a month, before stepping down from the position. Before she created the army, she served as a Moderator both at Silver Empire, and again at, Secret Service during their revival.

The Eclipse of Club Penguin have recently allied with the Templars and had an Ice fishing event with them.

Eclipse holding an Ice Fishing Event with their allies, Templars


CPAHQ reached out to Todoro to talk about her plans and the future of the Eclipse.

Why did you decide to create The Eclipse of Club Penguin?

I created it because I wanted to have some fun as a side job, and to see where it goes as well.

May I ask why you decided to keep the name of the army as, “The Eclipse of Club Penguin”?

I was thinking of other names for my army group, but then Eclipse came to my thought and I figured why not. Plus I think its unique and sounds pretty as well. 

Could you tell me a bit about what you have planned for your army, and how you are thinking to execute these plans?

For what I got planned so far, is for sure recruiting a lot more. I am also planning on some things as well for our future as a much bigger army.

Where do you see the army going maybe in a few months’ time?

Hopefully I see us moving on up a lot more. Going into more practice battles, maybe even tournaments as well once we are for sure ready for them. Although this will take some time, but I can most definitely see us up there.

Given that you have been around in the army community for quite some time, what would you say would be the learning experiences that you would like to incorporate within this army?

Well, my experiences within the army community has given me a lot to improve on. Would like to incorporate on working to improve my leading skills a lot more, as I get nervous easily while leading haha.

Do you have anything to say or any piece of advice you would like to give to the readers in general?

Would like to say thanks to my friends and love you guys, for sticking by my side when I have gone through a lot and for supporting me as well. Advice would be go for it. Even though it will take some time but you will get there eventually.


It is always exciting to see a new face, be it a person, or an army pop up in the army community. The Eclipse has gotten off to a good start, but only time will tell how long they can sustain good results. Todoro seems to be determined, in making sure, that her army reaches a good position, and we wish her good luck with it.

What do YOU think? How will the Eclipse do in the future? Will they be known as a legendary army or will they fade with time? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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