Legoman Inducted as newest PIC Commander-In-Chief

Klondike, CP Army Headquarters. Legoman was recently given the title of Commander-In-Chief in Peoples Imperial Confederation. What lead to this promotion and what can we expect to see for the future of this army?

Legoman joined armies back in July of 2020 where he started out with the Dark Warriors but soon got troop stolen by the Ice Warriors. He then went on to create his own army which he called Legoman Army Hoo-Rah where they would reach max sizes of 27 which would get them on top 3 in the Top Tens. Legoman Army’s oldest member was Legoman’s own poppy. Legoman soon left Ice Warriors and joined the Templars due to some things within the Ice Warriors. He was then offered leader in Crystal Cowboys (formally know as Coup Crusaders) which he happily accepted. The Cowboys wanted to call a war on the Water Ninjas but Legoman didn’t want to start a full-out war so he made a peace treaty which he called Decree of the Shimmering Tides. He then transferred the Crystal Cowboy’s capital of Rebel Penguin Federation which caused him to get removed from leadership.

Legoman then went on to join Special Weapons and Tactics where he joined for Third-In-Command and quickly got Second-In-Command. He also took up leadership in Tree Cult and Skateboarders while he was in SWAT. He briefly left SWAT to revive Island Invaders with his friend Pumpkin in November of 2020 where they would reach sizes of 22. He allied that army with SWAT seeing as his heart was still with SWAT. While in Island Invaders he called war on the Fire Warriors which was called the Tiki Torch War. He also took up the Advisor position in the Fire army. He then soon rejoined SWAT and got Leader-In-Training. On February 7th, 2020 he was appointed the 71st leader of SWAT which was a huge accomplishment for him.

On August 12th Shalissa announced in the PIC discord server that Legoman would be joining the leadership team. She stated that he was a fantastic advisor and she’s excited to see how he will help out the army and continue to bring the army to new heights.

Legoman’s Promotion to leadership

Cp Army Headquarters reached out to Legoman to find out more about his promotion

What was your reaction when you found out you got the position?
Legoman: Upon receiving the news of my promotion I was in the midst of a heavy CrossFit training session. I heard the news and celebrated by performing a victorious hang power snatch with three-hundred pounds.

You were previously advisor for the army, what were some of your favorite memories from that?
Legoman:As an advisor of the People’s Imperial Confederation, I was able to shadow lead for both PIC and SP, taking them to victories before being fully enlisted. I also enjoyed acclimating myself to their community whilst drinking countless hearty frothy protein shakes to fuel my succulent glutes.

What are some things we can expect to see now that you’re leading pic and what are your plans for the army?
Legoman: Since my leadership has begun we’ve already broke the max record for this gen so expect it to keep on rising just like my workout gains and ego, until PIC becomes a Hegemon. I plan to spread conquest and glory in the name of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Is there anything you would like to say to those reading?
Legoman: HOO RAH!

With all of Legomans’ past experience in armies, there is no doubt that PIC will continue to rise with this new leader! We wish him all the best in this new adventure!

What do YOU think? Will this be a good change for PIC or will the fall and crumble. Let us know your thoughts down below! 

CP Army Headquarters- Column Manager


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