Cassie Retires from Fire Warrior Leadership

HOT CHOCOLATE – Fire Warriors Empire: In the midst of Challengers Cup 2 taking place, Cassie has announced that she will be retiring from the position of leader that she held in Fire Warriors. What was the cause behind this decision of hers?

The Fire Warriors army was made in 2007 by WWE09 and since their founding, they have gone through several generations as well as name changes. They were once known as the Roman Fire Warriors as well as the Ninjas. More recently, we have seen the Warriors arise as one of the premier small/medium armies in the community. One dominant thing that they have been a part of this generation is they recently declared war on the Golden Penguin Army which can be found HERE.

Fire Warriors in their War Against the Golden Penguin Army

Cassie first found out about the CP Army community in March of 2020, being recruited to the Dark Warriors in the CP Online era. After about half a year of being there, she retired as a 2nd In Command in early October of 2020 and then went on to join the infamous Legoman Army Hoorah. During that month, she also joined Doritos of CP for their revival as a 3rd In Command, and later on, became a Leader In Training in December of 2020. In mid-January of 2021, she retired from the Doritos and in addition decided to join Fire Warriors after being invited by Conor to the leadership along with AustinFraud and Haley.

Cassie announced her retirement from the community and her words of gratitude, in a post saying –

Cassie Announcing her Retirement from Fire Warriors. Click to enlarge

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with Cassie about her thoughts on retiring, and what she chooses to do next.

Why did you decide to retire from Fire Warriors?

I simply can’t juggle working a fulltime job and leading an army anymore.

Would you say that you have been able to execute all that you had planned for the Fire Warriors, during your time?

Most of it, yes. Sure I had some more plans for the future, but I simply don’t have the motivation to continue through with it.

Do you have any particular memory or memories of Fire Warriors that will stay with you?

I really enjoyed building up the server and seeing our community start to blossom and friendships being made.

What kind of impact do you think your departure will have on Fire Warriors, and how do you think, the Fire Warriors will do in the future?

I have faith that FW will continue to go on strong without me and hopefully win the upcoming tourney.

Do you have any piece of advice that you would want to give to all the armies out there, and the readers in general?

Always keep your mental health in check and if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point.


Although Cassie has retired from the leadership, she has faith that the Fire Warriors will continue to go on strong without her, and leave an impact on the army community, as it always has. She believes that one’s health should always be prioritized above everything else. The community will miss her dearly, given the positive influence that she has had on it, and we wish her all the best, for all her future endeavors.

What do YOU think? Will this retirement affect the Fire Warriors well? What will the Fire Warriors remember Cassie by? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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