Golden Intelligence War || Days 5-8 Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Almost a week has passed since the start of the Golden Intelligence War. With few battles and lots of confusion, let’s take a look at what’s occurred within the past four days.

The Golden Intelligence War hasn’t been very kind to many. On July 30th, the Smart Penguins and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army. Their justifications for war are pretty similar (and more can be found about it here).

Since the start of the war, multiple invasions have been scheduled, yet very few have taken place. Invasions such as Berg, Arctic Zero, Bobsled, and most recently, South Beret were all canceled due to a lack of judges. Over the past four days, only two battles have actually been fought; the invasion of Balaclava, and the re-invasion of Berg. Let’s take a look at who came out victorious following these two battles.

Smart Penguins Invasion of Balaclava

The battle began like any other invasion; with Golden Troops and Smart Penguins flooding the Mine. Throughout the entirety of the first room, the Smart Penguins were able to outsize, and out-cover the Golden Troops, leading to their room one victory. Following the Mine, both armies rushed onto the Beach, where room two commenced. Both armies had nice formations throughout the room, along with the Golden Troops covering various points.

In the end, the room was deemed a tie. Soon after the Beach, the armies made their way to the Iceberg for the final room. Similar to the first room, the Smart Penguins covered the Golden Troops throughout the entirety of the room, leaving the room, and server, in the hands of the Smart Penguins.

Smart Penguins vs Golden Troops at Iceberg

Golden Troops Invasion of Berg

Starting in the Dojo, the invasion of Berg showed glimpses of the war’s potential. Entering faster, the Smart Penguins established a regular T-formation, while the Golden Troops created an upsidedown-T. Throughout the Dojo, the Smarties had cleaner formations while the Golden Troops were much faster. Along with covering the Smart Penguins in various spots, the Golden Troops won the opening room.

Both armies then made their way to the Lighthouse. Like the first room, the Smart Penguins entered first, followed by the Golden Troops. Making cleaner formations and some originality, the Golden Troops covered the Smart Penguins within the room. The Smart Penguins however lacked originality, and couldn’t keep up with the Golds, leaving room two to the Golden Troops.

Rushing to the Iceberg, the Smart Penguins outraced the Golden Troops once again. Throughout the room, the Smart Penguins dominated in speed and coverage. Covered by their formations, the Golden Troops couldn’t do much. Although Smart Penguins won the final room, the Golden Troops won over the server of Berg.

Golden Troops vs Smart Penguins in Dojo

In this whirlwind of declined and rescheduled battles, CP Army Network reached out to the army leaders’ to find out what they had to say about the future course of the battle.

Kattle11, leader of Golden Troops:

Cant really reveal much to yall, but we plan to do whatever we decide within our leadership which means you gotta wait and see. Overall we plan to win nonetheless.

TheMightyA, leader of Post Malone Army:

GT got our first dub but it’s not over till its over. We’ll be working hard to make sure we win these battles this week and stress sp all the way to defcon 1. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said, but these next few days is gonna be lots of fun for GT

Shallissa, leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation:

Morale in PIC has been great as a result of this war and I’m super hyped about it. PIC hasn’t initiated a war since World War Rewritten so this is an exciting thing for a lot of our newer troops to experience. The bond between PIC and Smart Penguins has definitely strengthened throughout the first few days of this war and I am beyond proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. We intend to continue this war and maintain our lead against PMA until we achieve our victory. PIC has a history of destroying small armies with big egos and I don’t see this war ending any differently.

df44, leader of Smart Penguins:

We entered this war with the goal of conquering their servers. So, you can expect that the Imperial Intelligence Alliance won’t give up that easily. GT and PMA thought that no one would notice that slowly they were ridiculously dominating the map when they are exactly the same army with the same people. Although we lost yesterday we are still focused on our goal. They call us greedy for servers and, honestly, yes we are, but weren’t they as well? And, isn’t that the purpose of a CPA map?

With only two battles taking place over the course of four days, this war still has a long way to go. Both the Golden Troops and Smart Penguins seem to be putting up a fight, both celebrating victories on their side. Who will be victorious at the close of the war? Who’ll be winning in the next battle?

What do YOU think? Who’ll win the next battle in the overall war? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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