Firestar Exits SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH: SWAT Empire – Just a few weeks following SWAT’s war against the Templars, Firestar announced that he will be retiring from their leadership. What led to his departure?

Firestar joined the community in October of 2014 when he joined the Light Troops. Following his time there, he departed from the Light Troops and went on to join the Marines and Pink Ninjas. After ranking up to Leader-in-Training and Second in Command respectively, he departed once again and went to join the Ice Warriors. He was eventually promoted to Leader of the Warriors in 2017 and was later inducted into their Hall of Fame. Following his stint with the Warriors, he went on to join the Water Vikings. Shortly thereafter, he led the Elites and departed to lead the Special Weapons and Tactics, where he has been ever since.

In honor of one of their greatest leaders, SWAT held a goodbye event for Firestar on August 5th, 2021 to wave goodbye to their precious leader. At the event, SWAT was able to achieve a max of 30+ troops to wave goodbye to Firestar.

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with Firestar about his thoughts on his departure from the community.

Why did you decide to retire from SWAT leadership?

College. I’m not going to have the freetime I’ve had this previous year to maintain leading, plus I’m also dried out from the army scene in general

Seeing that you’ve been in the community for a long time, what would you say is your favorite all-time memory?

I would say being promoted to 3ic in IW back in 2015. Years ago, achieving an owner rank actually meant something and it was relieving to see that all of my dedication I put towards that army paid off eventually

Is there anything particularly you’re going to miss? And do you think you’ll be back in the future?

I’m going to miss all of the people I’ve become friends with in this community. I’m really lucky that I could meet such wonderful companions here and it’s going to be tough leaving this platform for a while. As for returning for the future, I’d say no. I have nothing else left in me to use to benefit SWAT in general, but I’m sure I’ll be back as an advisor or some sort

How do you think SWAT will fare following your departure?

SWAT will carry on just fine. I haven’t been fulfilling my responsibilities as a fellow leader in the army for the last few months, and we have tons of amazing leaders, so I’m confident my absence won’t affect anything

Although Firestar has departed from SWAT’s leadership, it is clear that he believes that the army is in great hands. It appears that the army will miss him dearly and that he has left a long-lasting impact on not only the army he is leaving behind but on the community that he has had a hand in shaping today.

What do YOU think? How well will SWAT move forward following the departure of such an influential leader? How will Firestar’s legacy be remembered? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!


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