Legends Cup Semi Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  As we head into the Semi-finals for the Legends Cup XI. All of the armies have done a great job in the tournament. Which two armies do you guys think will make it to the finals? The staff of the CPAHQ team has decided to share their predictions for the semi-finals.


Rebel Penguin Federation
vs Templars

Templars recent event maxing 50.

While the Templars are in 5th place for the TopTen for this week, they had been preparing hard for the finals. They had maxed 50 at their recent event which was the, LC XI Quarter-Finals round. Which led them to pass through towards the Semi-Finals round. While Rebel Penguin Federation is currently holding 2nd place in the TopTen for the week. RPF has also been working hard on preparing for the finals. Do you guys think Rebel Penguin Federation might have a chance at winning against the Templars? Let’s see what the staff of the CPAHQ team think will win the semi-finals round.

DMT, Director-in-Chief–  Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Superhero123Site ManagerRebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Rach, Column Manager–  Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0) 

Crazzy, Head Moderator–  Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Funks, Site Manager–  Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Neha, EditorRebel Penguin Federation (3-0) 

Ice Warriors vs Help Force

A recent HF event where they maxed 74

Help Force is currently in 1st place in the top ten for the week. They held some events throughout the week to prepare for the semi-finals. Their recent event took place at the quarter-finals against the Water Vikings maxing 74. Furthermore, Ice Warriors has also been getting prepare for the semi-finals as well, while placing 3rd in the top ten. Their recent event was the quarter-finals, where they had maxed 48 against Secret Service. The staff of the CPAHQ team has decided to share their predictions.

DMT, Director-in-Chief–  Help Force (3-0)

Superhero123, Site ManagerHelp Force (3-0)

Rach, Column Manager  Ice Warriors (3-0) 

Crazzy, Head ModeratorIce Warriors (2-1-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Help Force (2-0)

Funks, Site ManagerHelp Force (1-2)

Neha, EditorHelp Force  (2-1) 

We can most definitely tell it’s gonna be a close call when the time comes for the armies. Do the Templars have a chance of winning against the Rebel Penguin Federation or would it be the other way around? Will the Help Force be able to come out victorious against the Ice Warriors, or will it turn over to Ice Warriors making it to the finals?

 Which two armies will we be able to see in the finals? Let us know down below on your guy’s predictions for the Semi-Finals.

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