Origins of the Outfit: Featuring the Red Ravagers

SNOW STORM, Myth’s Washing Machine – Welcome back to another edition of Origins of the Outfit! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the dreadfully red origins of the Red Ravagers.

The Red Ravagers were created on May 24th, 2020, by Honda and happy_phantxm (also known as Max). Throughout 2020, the army was a small/medium powerhouse, consistently in the top ten. During the Fright-or-Fight tournament, the army battled the Pizza Federation in the finals, sadly losing.

Red Ravagers vs. Pizza Federation in the FoF finals

The uniform was created by both Honda and Max, with the main colour being blue. I’m just kidding, of course, it’s red. This uniform includes the Red Climbing Helmet, along with the iconic red Fiendish Mask. The Raven Wings back up for the neck item, with the Red Turtleneck for the body. Add the Hard Rock Guitar and Black Dress Shoes and you’ve successfully created the Red Ravagers uniform.

Red Ravager’s CPA:TG uniform

Like most armies, the Red Ravagers have a secondary uniform for members who do not own the original uniform. This uniform consists of items such as the Red Ski Goggles, Red Viking Helmet, and Red Guitar along with other items.

Red Ravager’s CPR uniform

To find out more regarding the creation and ideas behind the original Red Ravagers uniform, I reached out to Ravvy legend, Max, to answer a few of my questions.

I want to thank you for letting me ask you a few question about the Red Ravager’s uniform! What was the inspiration when making the uniform?

We actually made 2 versions of the uniform, a CPATG version and a CPR version. With the CPATG version, we had full creativity with the item codes and stuff, so Honda and I pulled up the CP wikia and started experimenting with colors and putting together stuff that we thought looked cool. We wanted something that you could look at and immediately recognize it as the RR uniform. We chose the mask and now it’s basically our logo LOL With the CPR version, we just wanted something that you could buy all year round so we had to choose the basic items in the catalogue.

Pure genius to come up with two serperate uniforms for different programs! While on the topic of creating the uniform, what’s your favorite part of the uniform?

The red helmet is probably my favorite, although the wings are a very close second and there will always be a special place in my heart for the iconic mask

The red helmet is a must! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Red Ravager Supremacy

The Red Ravagers surely do have an iconic uniform and one that is very different from others. Are the Red Ravagers the most interesting uniform?

What so YOU think? Do the Red Ravagers have an interesting uniform? Who do we cover next? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CP Army Network Discord!


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