Golden Intelligence War: Day 2 Developments

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Capital – On the second day of the Golden Intelligence War, we saw the Golden Troops and the Smart Penguins face off in a battle for Balaclava Bay. What was the outcome of this exhilarating battle? 

On July 30th, the Smart Penguins and the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops and the Post Malone Army respectively. This war occurred due to the failed alliance between the People’s Imperial Confederation and Golden Troops. Yesterday, the Smart Penguins were able to invade Arctic Zero and North Beret from the Golden Troops, earning them a 2-0-0 lead.

Earlier today, on August 1st, the Smart Penguins and Golden Troops fought for control of Balaclava Bay, with the Smart Penguins attempting to invade the Golden Troops. Who won the battle of Balaclava Bay?

Pizza Parlor

The Smart Penguins swiftly entered the first room, with the Golden Troops showing up two minutes later. The Smart Penguins entered a diagonal shape while the Golden Troops entered a solid upside-down V. Even though the Golden Troops were late to the battle, their coverage over the Smart Penguins rendered the room a tie.

First battle room, the Pizza Parlor


In the second room, the Golden Troops entered the room with a big word bubble bomb while the Smart Penguins entered with a joke firework. The Golden Troops entered a sideways T while the Smart Penguins made a V formation. Even though the Smart Penguins were able to recover from the coverage in the previous room, the Golden Troops made more unique forms, giving them the win in the second room.

Pet Shop

With this unique last room, the Golden Troops were able to enter quickly and cover the room with a big word bubble bomb. The Smart Penguins created an upside-down V while the Golden Troops rapidly entered an upside-down T. Both armies covered each other effectively, however, the Smart Penguins were able to increase their size. This size difference did not make much of a difference due to the Smart Penguins remaining still for some time, declaring the room a tie.

The Smart Penguins and Golden Troops equally covering each other with big word bubbles.

After a thrilling battle for Balaclava Bay, the judges’ rulings were released. The Golden Troops were able to successfully defend their land with a  1-0-2 score. Congratulations to the Golden Troops!

Judge Omsk declaring a 1-0-2 victory for the Golden Troops, successfully defending their land.

After a successful defense, both sides are already considering their next move in the war. The Golden Troops have scheduled invasions for later this week, attempting to win their lost land back. However, the People’s Imperial Confederation has scheduled invasions against the Post Malone Army tomorrow, so we will keep you informed with the latest updates from the war.

What do YOU think? What will happen on the next days of the war? Who will win this four army war? Let us know in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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