Top Ten Armies [7/18/21-7/24/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The rankings sees great stagnation as July comes to a close, with most of the changes taking place outside of the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [72.29]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [70.20]

3. Help Force [+0] [66.43]

4. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [63.48]

5. Templars [+0] [47.20]

6. Water Vikings [+2] [41.17]

7. Silver Empire [-1] [40.00]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [39.58]

9. Smart Penguins [+1] [31.62]

10. Fire Warriors [-1] [31.50]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. People’s Imperial Confederation [+8] [29.49]

12. Secret Service [-1] [25.79]

13. Sea Serpents [+0] [25.74]

14. Golden Troops [+2] [21.36]

15. One Direction Army [-1] [16.50]

16. Post Malone Army [+1] [15.50]

17. Red Ravagers [-5] [15.00]

18. Thunderstruck [+0] [14.50]

19. Sidie’s Rangers [NEW!] [8.50]

20. Blue Ravagers [NEW!] [7.50]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels held a staggering 9 events this week. Kicking it off with a fishing event on Sunday, a max of 45 was recorded. Next, a job fair event was held with 36 penguins showing off special skills that can be found in the work place. The same day the army had a US event where the rebels wore outfits that resemble them Harry Potter houses, peaking at 39 troops online. The Rebels then held Operation: Power Performance the following day during EU times with an attendance of 37. On Thursday, the army dawned ballerina shoes with 29 penguins waddled around the island. Wearing gorgeous hair, they then had a training event with 37 in attendance. A battle against SP saw a peak of 33 in attendance the following day. The second to last event of the week was a colorful event where the federation wore big sombreros and waddled around the island, with 35 penguins present, trying to find their missing HCOM members. To end the week, a meme themed event was seen with 33 troops prepared to showcase their favorite memes.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week, with six events. They kicked things off with a battle versus the Golden Troops, amassing sizes of 30. Next, their troops took control with a U-Lead event, maxing 54. They took to the battlefield two more times, with 40 troops fighting the Medieval Warriors, and 43 going up against the Army of Club Penguin. The town was filled with different fruits next, with their takeover event being attended by 34 Warriors. They achieved the same max in their final event, a ‘Bob Le Bricoleur’ Takeover.

3. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of 6 events this week. They started off with an AUSIA invasion of Anorak Pointe where they maxed 29. Next, they held a U-Lead event and invasion of Ice Pack, with 38 helpers attending. Their next event was an AUSIA fruit themed scavenger hunt, where they maxed 45. Then, 26 helpers attended an invasion of Ice Cream. Next, a branch battle took place with an attendance of 41. They ended the week with an One Direction themed event, and maxed 43.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin got to work this week, holding 8 events.  Their campaign started with a Hunger Games event, where 38 troops took part.  The AUSIA division was in action the next morning, maxing 23 troops in a Pokemon themed event.  The following day, 38 troops donned the ever-popular fruit costumes.  The Clovers then took on the Ice Warriors in a ‘Blitz Battle’, seeing a total of 37 soldiers battle in four rooms over a twenty minute period.  The themes returned for the next event, though, as they maxed 28 with a focus on Finding Nemo.  On Friday, the AUSIA division returned to clean the island with mops, obtaining sizes of 29.  To end the week, ACP hosted two events.  22 troops logged on for a rollerskating event, which was shortly followed up with their quick appearance in Legends Cup XI.  They maxed 30 but withdrew from the tournament mid-battle.

5. Templars: After an extremely busy week, the Templars cooled down with a modest 5 events this time around.  Things began with a US training session, where they maxed 25.  They then held a ‘Civil War’ battle, which garnered 30 troops.  This was followed up with a 35-troop strong EU training session.  The Crusaders raided their former adversaries, the Special Weapons and Tactics, during AUSIA hours, achieving a max of 17.  To end the week, their size ballooned in their first round romp of the Red Ravagers in Legends Cup XI, reaching 40 troops.

6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a total of six events this week, They started it out by hosting a Fruity Summer Takeover maxing 23 Silver Fruits. Next up the army saw 18 log on for an invasion of Gale Line. Another invasion was held this time of Ice Coast which maxed 19. The Silvers then saw 16 log on for an invasion of Frozen Isles. Antarctica was added to their land with an invasion maxing 15. To end off the week they had yet another invasion this time of Deep Freeze and that saw a total of 14.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons and Tactics had 4 events this week. They started off with an AUSIA invasion of Frozen maxing 14 troops. 2 days after, they invaded Abominable maxing 22. The next day they invaded Belly with a legends cup training maxing 20. Lastly, they invaded White House and did a fruit take over maxing 15.

8. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had a quiet week compared to other armies, with just three events. They began with an invasion of Grizzly, claiming the server with a max of 31. They continued with another invasion that saw 26 Vikings take Snow Day. Finally, they maxed 27 in the invasion of Big Surf.

9. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins held 4 events this week. Kicking it off with an invasion of beanie, an attendance of 16 was seen. Next, another invasion, this one of Pine Needles was held with 16 troops showing up. Following, a Practice Battle took place against the Rebel Penguin federation where a max of 12 was seen. Finally, to finish off the week an invasion of Marshmallow took place with a peak of 10 troops.

10. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held a total of 4 events this week, starting with an invasion where they witnessed a total of 11 troops log on during EU times. Then, another invasion, this time at the Nightclub, the fire army had 10 warriors online. After this was yet another invasion where FW was able to gather up a peak of 18. Finally, they competed in their round of the Legends Cup XI, where they battled against a no-show army, and maxed 20.

The Rebel Penguin Federation continue to lead the pack; they have gone 4 straight weeks in 1st place.  However, their brother allies, the Ice Warriors, continue to inch closer to disrupting the run.  Two noticeable score drops belong to the Templars and SWAT.  Although these two armies did not change places, their scores last week were greatly influenced by their taxing war.  While the Army of Club Penguin distanced themselves from the Crusaders because of this, the Silver Empire struggled to capitalize on the drop in pressure from SWAT.  The only change within the Top Ten is a swap between the Smart Penguins and the Fire Warriors, though only .12 separates the two.  The biggest move comes from the People’s Imperial Confederation, who climbed a whopping 8 spots thanks to an activity growth spurt.  Conversely, the Red Ravagers saw a dip in their total of events, which resulted in a 5 spot drop.

What do you think?  How long can the Rebels hold first place?  Will there be more changes next week?  Let us know in the comments below!


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