IceQueen Inducted as Newest Ice Warriors Leader

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – Right after the Ice Warriors’ Invasion of Klondike, the Ice Warriors have decided to induct Elsa herself, IceQueen, as the newest Ice Warriors leader. Now leading alongside Iceyfeet1234, Erick, LawCorazon, and Kally, what can the Ice Warriors and Club Penguin army community expect from her and the army moving forward?

IceQueen was recruited to the Ice Warriors on April 13th, 2020, while playing Club Penguin Online with her one of her friends. The recruiters were telling them to join the Ice Warrior Discord for coins and codes and IceQueen, intrigued, did just that. She joined the group for those reasons and decided to stick along, attending events and remaining active in the community.

From there, IceQueen would eventually be promoted to Staff in July that same year due to how active she was and the bright ideas she contributed. Continuing this habit throughout her time as staff, she would quickly be promoted to a High Command position in September. She showed great dedication and excellent leadership skills to the Ice Warriors and this would eventually lead her to be promoted to leader-in-training shortly after, in January. Then after just a couple of more months, the Ice Warriors leadership decided to promote her to leader.

Iceyfeet1234, IW Creator, inducting IceQueen into the leadership and thanking IceQueen for her work with the army.

Ice Warriors was created in June 2007 by Club Penguin Army Legend Iceyfeet1234. The army would become a dominant force in CP Army history winning many tournaments, battles, and hitting large sizes at their events compared to other armies throughout the 2010s. Today, the Ice Warriors continue to be a dominant force in the community being number one in the Top Ten multiple times this year so far, as well as winning March Madness 2021.

Ice Warriors winning the March Madness 2021 finals against Army of Club Penguin

The CP Army Network reached out to IceQueen for an interview about her promotion, and to find out what she has to say.

Interview Section

How does it feel to have become Leader?

I’m still in shock, I was not expecting it like right now so it came as a total surprise. I’m just so thankful to Icey and the IW Leadership & Advisors team for believing in me and trusting me to become the next Ice Warriors Leader. To all the troops and the entire staff team, thank you for always showing me so much love <3.

What goals do you hope to achieve as Leader?

Ever since I joined the staff team, my goal was to make the community a safe and fun space for everyone! That goal still remains at the top as it’s with the community, the staff team and through friendships that we’re able to achieve amazing things. Alongside this as Leader, I really hope that Ice Warriors continues to grow, continues achieving great things in upcoming battles, tournaments and continues to keep it’s placement in the top 10.

What are your most notable moments with Ice Warriors?

My most notable moments with Ice Warriors to date hmm that is hard question xD. Apart from being promoted to Leader, when I was promoted to Leader In Training, that time I will always remember. It was before we transformed over to CPR and at the time we were a gaming & community server and things were unstable on which CPPS we’ll be using and everything. Just thinking back and seeing how far we’ve come since then, it’s just wow. One of my all time favourite events was how IW performed against DCP during the CCX (Christmas Chaos Tournament) Semi-Finals at the end of last year! We maxed an incredible size of 114! It just shows how much we can achieve through dedication and amazing teamwork! However, nothing can top the family and friendships I’ve been able to make along the way. This community that we have, the Ice Warriors Family, it’s something I never imagined I would find online and I’m just really grateful and love you all dearly.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Yes, to this day I am being bullied by the former Water Ninjas Leadership; Kally & Freedomist (The Commies) and DrQueen (even though she’s on Team Queens). They’ve even led everyone to believe that I’m the Fake Elsa which is a total lie. For everyone reading, I am the Real Elsa. But, for real though, leading Water Ninjas with them alongside our amazing advisor Orange, was a key part of my growth and it was where I was able to meet these amazing friends and I cherish all the memories I’ve been able to make with them. Thank you to Icey, Erick, Shinde, Law, Regan & Alex for always being there whenever I needed support or advice and to Flamez, Madhav & Ben for being so welcoming to me. Ice Warriors Forever and Always. Love Yourselves <3

As we can see from our interview, IceQueen is committed to doing the best she can in keeping the Ice Warriors Community a fun and safe place for everyone. We can definitely see IceQueen show a big impact on Ice Warriors in the future of her leading career.

What are YOUR thoughts on IceQueen’s promotion? How do YOU think Ice Warriors will benefit from IceQueen’s leadership? 


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