Island Invaders Revived for Third Generation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The Island Invaders have once again returned for their third generation, this time being led by LEGOMAN, who helped revive the army the second time. 

Moani is the creator of the Island Invaders, founding the army in May of 2020 and closing it in June of 2020. During their leadership, the army maxed about 5 penguins during their time. LEGOMAN and Pumpkin revived the army in November of 2020 and saw their size at events peak at 22, sometimes beating the likes of the Fire Warriors and the Templars. They decided to merge with SWAT on December 21st.  

Legoman revived the army on July 3rd, 2021. At their opening event, they maxed a solid 14 penguins, which were more than double their first generation’s max.  The Island Invaders seem poised to claim some land on Club Penguin Army Network’s world map, instantly registering there after their opening event.

The Island Invaders on July 3rd, 2021

CP Army Headquarters was able to speak with Legoman about this. Find out below what he had to say! 


What made you want to revive the Island Invaders?

I wanted to revive the Island Invaders because I was watching Rocky IV, because Sylvester Stallone’s obliques almost rival mine, and I heard the triumphant orchestra band crash as Rocky was able to vanquish his foe against all odds, this cinematic masterpiece of a film motivated me to want to return the Island Invaders to the community. Also I was bored.

Do you have any big plans for the future of the army?

Yes. These plans would be to squash racism and injustice throughout the community for good. We will stare them down even if it takes 3000 years.

Do you think this generation will be bigger than the last one?

I believe this generation will be large, but not as broad as my muscular toned shoulders and colossal vascular forearms.

Legoman’s responses hint towards a satirical approach of leading the army.  Regardless of their demeanor, the Island Invaders are yet another army to make their return for this summer.  They will certainly be a factor within the community, as more and more armies get involved in land battles.

What do YOU think? Will Legoman lead the Island Invaders to prominence? What will they do on the world map? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


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