Comedy Earns Promotion to Silver Empire Leader

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – On July 3rd, the Silver Empire leader, Amber, introduced a new leader, Comedy. What led to this decision after being solo leading since September?

On July 3rd, Amber introduced Comedy as the 5th leader of the Silver Empire. In the announcement published in their discord server, Amber states that Comedy will co-lead alongside her and recognizes her abilities to lead the army to newer heights.

Amber’s announcement in the SE discord server

Comedy joined the community last June, after being recruited to the Help Force. She stayed there until November 7th when she decided to join the Silvers. In the Silver Empire, she climbed up the ranks with her hard work, making herself an asset to the army.

The Silver Empire was created last year on April 20th, with the main goal of bringing people together and having fun while experiencing Club Penguin nostalgia. Shortly after its creation, the two first leaders, Zach and Jimmy, brought a third leader, Fae. The three leaders eventually started to depart from the army and a fourth leader came up. On May 18th, Amber became the new Silver Commander.

Under Amber’s leadership Silver Empire performances and sizes improved event by event. And eventually, on October 18th, the Silvers reached the CPAH Top Ten Major Armies finishing in 10th. With more than 800 members on their chat and consistent sizes, the official major army status would be eventually declared on March 15th, after the first round of the CPAHQ March Madness Tournament.

Silver Empire battle under Amber and Comedy leadership.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Comedy, the new Silver Commander, to get her personal view on the promotion.

What was the feeling of getting promoted?

I’m not sure how I feel yet since it happened not too long ago, haha. I don’t think too much will change though since Amber and I have always had great communication and worked well together.

How does it feel to lead a major army?

I will have to keep you updated on that since it doesn’t feel any different than before, to be honest. SE has always been full of group decisions, as we like to hear everyone’s input.

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve as Silver Commander?

I don’t have any goals! :pain: Just kidding, originally I joined SE to help it reach major status. Now that we have accomplished that, I’m just focused on maintaining our position and creating a positive and friendly environment for everyone.

Anything you would like to add?

Yes yes. :handguin: HANDGUIN BESTGUIN [REDACTED] :handguin:.

The new Silver Commander seems excited to lead alongside Amber and maintain a positive and friendly environment within Silver Empire. As we just entered summer, with new tournaments are coming soon, we will see how the new Silver leadership team will do.

What do YOU think of this promotion? Will the new leadership bring something different to SE? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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2 Responses

  1. Beep July 4, 2021 (6:41 am)

    YAY! Congrats Comedy! I’m so proud to be in SE. I am excited to have you lead with Amber, I love you both! BEST LEDURS!!!!!!!

  2. Dman July 4, 2021 (5:48 pm)

    Congratulations Comedy! All the best!

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