Comedy Promoted To The Newest Silver Commander

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – The Silver Empire welcomes its newest leader to the spotlight! After being a High Command for a very long time, and after much help towards her army, Comedy was promoted to Silver Commander. Though what were the reasons behind this decision?

Comedy has been around the Club Penguin Army community since June of 2020 where her first army was Help Force, curiously finding out about it through stamp raids during the CP: Online era. Having been a troop for a long time, she had some hardships, and thus decided to start fresh and find out more about the community.

As a result, she bumped into Silver Empire who at the time where allied with Help Force, so it wasn’t very hard to find out about it. Comedy continued to join in on Silver Empire’s events and help them out. Not too long after being a troop, she became a staff member and gave her best support to the army, climbing through the ranks. After the decision from the Silver Empire’s leadership, Comedy was offered to join the leader spot.

Silver Empire was created on April 20th, 2020 by Jimmy, Zach, Amber and Fae. The army was originally considered a joke army – almost a parody of Golds. The Empire received moderate success in the early days. Moving forward to present day, today the army sits around 5th to 7th in the weekly Top Ten, and reaching stable sizes of around 25+. Most recently, the army took home an automatic 3-0 win against the Golden Troops in a Project: Conquest invasion.

Silver Empire maxing 22+ in an Invasion of Golden Troops

The CP Army Network reached out to Comedy for an interview about her new promotion, and to find out just what she has planned.

Interview Section

How did it feel to get promoted after all the effort given?

Comedy: I’m not sure how I feel yet since it happened not too long ago, haha. Don’t think too much will change though since Amber and I have always had great communication and worked well together.

Were you ever expecting to achieve this rank?

Comedy: No, I’m more of a behind the scenes person in all honesty. I didn’t get involved in staff to become leader, I joined staff to make a difference regardless of rank like most people should. Actually, I almost had Amber take off the HCOM role when I was first promoted, but she wouldn’t let me…

What do you wish to accomplish as a leader?

Comedy: Originally my plan was to help SE reach major status. Now that we’ve done that, I’m not entirely sure what comes next besides continuing our momentum.

Is there anything else you want to add?


In conclusion, you can see that Comedy is ready to keep her army’s motivation up and not let it down, and making sure her army doesn’t fall on their feet. We can definitely expect more from her in the future of Silver Empire!

What do YOU think about Comedy’s promotion? How do YOU think Silver Empire will do with Comedy leading? Let us know on our Discord server’s general chat!


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