Sweater Rejoins Fire Warriors Leadership as Simmonds Steps Down

CPAN Headquarters  Sweater has returned to the Fire Warriors leadership after one month out. What is behind this return? What can we expect from his future in the army community?  Furthermore, Simmonds has just retired from the army. Continue reading to find out what was behind this retirement and for Sweater’s own story.

Wwe009 created the Fire Warriors in August 2007 and they had no hesitation in battling other armies, such as the Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors. They currently hold a fifteen penguins max and are ninth in Top Ten Armies

Most recent Fire Warriors event, where they maxed sixteen penguins online.

Sweater first brought back the Fire Warriors in July 2020, a second time in December 2020, and for the final time in January 2021, until recently. He retired on May 17th, 2021, being awarded with the Godfather role, an army legend status. However, after just a month, he returned as the Fire Warriors leader.

CP Army Network interviewed Sweater to know more about this sudden return.



When you retired, you said you were no longer motivated to do anything else, what changed to help you get back?

Sweater: Legends Cup is coming up and the last time I led a Legends Cup we only made it to Round Two. I want to do way better this time.

What will you do this time in the leadership for Fire Warriors?

Sweater: I have already played a huge role in the reorganisation of some internal things; as well as some public-facing issues. I want to ensure we are all working hard to reach the same goal: to become the best. Right now we are already the best Medium army in the community, but that’s not enough for me.

Being first in the Ten Ten Armies is the dream of many leaders. What plans do the Fire Warriors have for the future?

Sweater: To breed legends

What would you like to add about yourself or the Fire Warriors?
Sweater: No, thank you.

Simmonds retirement

Simmonds’ announcement about his retirement.

Simmonds joined the Fire Warriors in late January, 2021, being offered the role leader of position, going on to retire on June 22nd. However, Simmonds is going to be an advisor within the Fire Warriors to continue helping the server, and as written in his retirement post, keep the flame burning bright!

We look forward in seeing what the Fire Warriors can achieve in the future. What do YOU think? Will Sweater help the army in the Legends Cup? Will Simmonds aid the Fire Warriors as an advisor? Only the future can tell us.

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Reporter Trainee

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