The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Max from ACP

CPAN Headquarters, Reporting Lounge – Over half a year later, we take a look back at the participants of CP Army Hub’s column: The Next Leader. Where are they now? This week, we talk to Max from the Army of Club Penguin.

Welcome back to The Next Leader! It has been over half a year since the column was first published, and we have some catching up to do! The TNL column published weekly, introducing a total of 10 future leaders to the Army Community. This included some amazing people, such as Kehato from the Pizza Federation, Rishchamp from the Dark Warriors, Kelsey from the Fighter Pilots, and many many more names. Although sadly, not all armies interviewed made it past the Flash Shutdown in December of 2020.

For this first edition of reunions, we will be talking to Max from the Army of Club Penguin! When we first talked to Max (link here), he already had a reputation that preceded him. He has been in almost every army imaginable, including the Pirates, Nachos, Water Vikings, Doritos, Golden Troops, and many others. Not only is he a 10-year Veteran in the community, but also a known name in the reporting world.

Following our interview on November 13th in 2020, Max continued his tenure as Executive Producer of the CP Army Hub until its shutdown in January. Furthermore, he continued to work even harder in the highest ranks of the Army of Club Penguin, which led to his promotion to ACP’s 46th Leader on June 1st.

The Clovers have been a consistent contender on the weekly Top Tens, which can be attributed to the competent leadership behind the army. They are also participants of CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest, successfully battling multiple armies every week. Next to leader duties, Max has also kept a focus on the community, reporting news and even organizing a majorly successful Community Pride Parade for the whole community to enjoy.

Screengrab from the Pride Parade in early June

I took the time to waddle over to ACP’s Mammoth, and visit Max’s igloo. What has he been up to? How is leadership treating him?


First of all, Happy Pride and congratulations on making it to Leader dear Max! You are now leading one of the biggest armies currently in the CPA community. How does it feel?

Happy Pride to you and all your readers too! :rainbow: To be an ACP leader feels incredible…! I’ve always held this position as one of, if not the, greatest honours in the Club Penguin Army community. And it’s even more special to be leading alongside two of my great friends, as well as the rest of the fantastic Higher Command team! Sure, it has its challenges as I have found out over the past two weeks, but the pay-off is well worth it.

Do you think you were well prepared for leadership? Or were there any unexpected challenges in particular that you weren’t expecting?

An interesting question. I think I was well prepared to lead the army – I had been a second-in-command and leading the ACP UK Division for 15 months before I was promoted to Commander-in-Chief. But I don’t think anyone can truly prepare for the other responsibilities that a leader must also assume, including managing people and other day-to-day issues that may crop up and need sorting out. But it’s been a very valuable learning experience that has only made me stronger!

That sounds quite inspiring I’m sure, even for newer troops! From recent news, we see your extensive involvement in Pride events, and ACP joined CPAHQ’s Project Conquest as well! What’s next? Are you preparing for the Legends Cup?

Yes!! I’m so pleased at how well the Community Pride Parade went and how much it was enjoyed by so many in the community – it was a really special day. ACP is also thoroughly enjoying the CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest, which has been a welcome refreshing change to the traditional tournament format that we’ve become so accustomed to over the last 10 or so years. As for the Legends Cup, I’m going to have to keep tight-lipped on that as I know discussions over the hosting of it are still ongoing. As for other plans: just keep doing what we do best and having the most fun while doing it!

Best of luck to you and to ACP in both Project Conquest and the (hopefully soon happening) LCXI! Now, Max… I have a bone to pick with you. You never hosted the “Timothée Chalamet Appreciation Event” that we were promised! What happened to that? Are we ever getting one?

HAHA! I really, really wish I could have hosted one of those… maybe I’ll have to save it for my retirement event, now?! Haha!

I’ll be expecting an invite… Thank you so much Max, both for this interview and for everything you do in the CPA community! It has been a pleasure to see you progress from Second in Command to ACP Leader. Do you have anything else to add?

Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to another amazing Summer in the community, I really hope all organisations and armies can put aside their differences and come together to create the best environment for the community. We’re strongest when we’re working together!

The unexpected responsibilities of leadership are something nobody can prepare for. With 15 months of preparation, Max is taking on the leadership of one of the biggest armies in the community alongside Cubster. It’s not always easy to rank up to leader, but as we heard from Max, it is surely worth it! He almost makes leadership look easy with his peachy positive attitude. :peach:

What do YOU think? Is ACP ever going to host the Timothée Chalamet Appreciation Event we were promised over half a year ago?

🌈 Kally

CPA Network Editor

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