Padme Steps Down from Templars Leadership

Klondike: CP Army Headquarters – Just following the conclusion of the first week of Project Conquest, Padme, leader of the Templars, has announced that she will be stepping down from leadership. What led to this decision?

Padme joined the army community in 2018 by joining the Pirates. Shortly following this stint, she joined the Redemption Force towards the end of 2020 and decided to take her talents to the Templars in January of 2021. However, over the weekend, Xing announced on her behalf that she will be stepping away from Templars leadership for the foreseeable future to focus on more real-life matters.

Xing’s Announcement of Padme’s Retirement in the Templars Discord Server

We at CPAHQ had the utmost opportunity to speak with Padme and discuss her thoughts on her retirement.

Why did you decide to retire from Templars Leadership?

With senior year fast approaching and a new job I just got, im no longer able to allocate the same amount of time as I used a few months before. Its not a decision I came to lightly but I want the templars to be able to continue on without me, hence why I’m stepping down.

Obviously, we all know that you had a huge impact on the Templars, but what has been your favorite memory while you were leading?

Being able to communicate with all the squires! Being able to interact with the many members we have and doing all the events along side them has been a great joy when I was leading them. With as big of a community we have here, being able to communicate with each other is important because I believe it brings us closer together as an army.

Do you anticipate a return to Leadership?

I would love to do so, but it will not occur in the near future due to my busy schedule within my personal life.

How do you think Templars will fare following your departure? Any big plans ahead?

I know the templars will continue to keep improving even while I’m gone and retired. Knowing the history behind Templars, I’m only a small piece of the puzzle to the picture we’re still in the process of making. I know Xing, Hanjah, Echo, Brown, Racecar, and Deep have major plans for Templars in the near future and I believe they are 1000% capable of rallying the squires behind them when the time comes.

Although the Templars are waving goodbye to their fellow knight, it seems as if Padme is quite confident that the Templars will fare just fine without her. Only time will tell how the troops will respond to this sudden retirement. Especially with Project Conquest just getting started, it will be interesting to see how the Templars perform following this.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars be able to keep their momentum going in Project Conquest without Padme? What’s next in store for the Templars? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!


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