CPAHQ Statement: Major Tournaments in the Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Recently, major tournaments have become a hot button issue within the community.  CPAHQ decided it is best to come forward with a statement to clear the air on it’s plans.

As we continue our efforts to maintain a level of transparency, we find it imperative to acknowledge Club Penguin Army Network and their plans to host Legends Cup XI.  Many have asked why CPAHQ never announced a Legends Cup, so we will answer that.  Originally, we had LCXI in our Summer Roadmap post.  However, when Club Penguin Army Hub announced their plans to host the tournament, we scrapped it from the post.  This was done to ensure that the history of the Legends Cup would not be tarnished.  We feel that hosting multiple Legends Cups just for the sake of the name does no service into honoring it’s legacy.

With the foundation of Club Penguin Army Network and their subsequent announcement about Legends Cup XI, multiple armies have asked us about our plans for LCXI and major tournaments in general.  We are excited to reveal the details of our major tournament in late July and through August.  You can expect an announcement on that at the conclusion of Project: Conquest.  As for the LCXI moniker, we stand by our principles in that regard.  The history of the Legends Cup shall not be weaponized as a bargaining piece in a war between two organizations.

CPAHQ is a website that has always listened to its community.  We will be monitoring interest in tournaments throughout the summer and acting accordingly.  Our goal is to not put anyone out to pasture.  It is to ensure that the historical Legends Cup is given the showing it deserves, one way or another.  We would like to thank our supporters for their patience when it comes to this peculiar situation.  Stay tuned for updates regarding our next major tournament.


CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

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