Tia Promoted to Doritos’ Main Leader

SUMMIT, Dorito’s Main Capital – After Funky and Intrinsic’s quick retirements, the Doritos Leadership have decided to promote one of the most dedicated people in their community, Tia, to Leader. Leading alongside Phoenix, Rah, and Shira – What can the community expect from them?

Tia joined the army scene in April 2020 with the Doritos. She quickly showed dedication and loyalty to the orange army, which brought her to the staff ranks in under two months. Only a few months later, Tia had made her way to the Higher Command in record time.

The Doritos during one of their most recent trainings

Later on, Tia would split her focus between leading numerous armies, such as being Leader in Training in the Golden Troops for a month, and leading the Animal Kingdom’s latest generation in July, though the army, unfortunately, closed down a month later. Regardless of her other endeavours, Tia was still active in Doritos and helped them reach great heights.

Those include her eminent efforts whilst participating in the Christmas Chaos Tournament in 2020, recruiting constantly and preparing everyone for the battles. Her efforts were not ignored and the Leaders adverted her potential and eagerness not just in the tournament but as well in other events and battles. Furthermore, her contributions to provide a safe and positive environment after their revival in early April earned praise as well.

Being one of the most hard-working staff members in the army, Tia always showed constant dedication and great efforts towards the Doritos. These accomplishments not only earned Tia the prestigious Honorary Shield, but also the promotion to the Doritos newest Main Leader on June 6th 2021.

Rah’s announcement, click to enlarge

The CPA network was able to get a quick interview with Tia regarding her big promotion.


Hey Tia! Congrats on your recent promotion! What was your reaction when you saw you have been promoted?

Tia: Definitely shocked! I knew that it was coming at some point but I didn’t expect the promotion so soon!

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve soon?

Tia: We’ll obviously I want to do well in Project Conquest and raise our maxes a bit. Definitely want to grow the server and we’re working on a Minecraft SPM so I’m helping out with that too.

That sounds very great! What are your most notable moments that you’ve had with DCP?

Tia: Our revival event was really fun and exciting! There was a ton of hype about it and I think as well doing Christmas chaos last year and getting to hype up our troops for those battles really excited me. I love seeing all our members motivated and excited for events 😀

That’s the spirit! Anything else you wanna add?

Tia: Not much but just a thank you for all of the staff team at DCP and all of our members too!

As we can see from our interview, Tia is ready to bring pride to her army and to create even more hype for the community. She hopes to do well in Project Conquest and to grow the server. She hopes to raise maxes and help out with other projects for the army. Tia definitely shows ambition, and the Doritos are excited to see what Tia will bring to the leadership team.

What are YOUR thoughts on Tia’s promotion? How do YOU think the Doritos of Club Penguin will run with their new leadership?


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