Project Conquest Battle Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  As the armies start to prepare for CPAHQ’s 2nd tournament for the year. The Staff of CPAHQ is here yet again to tell us what their predictions are for the first round of the first annual Project Conquest.

As we enter through our 2nd half of the year, we have brought in another tournament for the armies to come together and battle each other out to defend their servers. Which army will be able to defend their servers the most?


Templars of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings.

Templars, Is currently in 6th place in this week’s Top Ten. They have seen to be getting a stronger size max within the past few weeks. Water Vikings, have placed 5th in the Top Ten. They have been doing good with their maxes as well. The staff has made their predictions on which army will win the first battle from the conquest.  Will Water Vikings be able to defeat the Templars?

DMT, Director-in-Chief- Templars of Club Penguin 

Echo, Editor- Templars of Club Penguin 

Rach, Reporter- Templars of Club Penguin

Spotty, Staff-Manager- Templars of Club Penguin

Shallissa, Editor- Water Vikings


Silver Empire vs Special Weapons and Tactics.

Silver Empire has been placing 7th, in the Top Tens these past few weeks. They have been given their best effort at showing how far they have come. Special Weapons and Tactics have also been doing good in the Top Tens placing 8th. They have both been showing the CPAHQ community what they can accomplish. Will Silver Empire be able to defend and keep their server or would Special Weapons and Tactics takeover the server? The staff members of CPAHQ have predicted who they think might win this battle. 

DMT, Director-in-Chief- Special Weapons and Tactics

Echo, Editor- Special Weapons and Tactics

Rach, Reporter- Special Weapons and Tactics

Spotty, Staff-Manager-  Special Weapons and Tactics

Shallissa, Editor- Special Weapons and Tactics


Army of Club Penguin vs Doritos of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin has been showing off good efforts by placing 4th in the Top Tens. The Doritos have also been showing what they can achieve ever since they returned to the community making them place at 10th for this week. Will the Doritos be able to defend their server land against the Army of Club Penguin? The staff members have once again shown their predictions on who might win between the two.

DMT, Director-in-Chief- Army of Club Penguin

Echo, Editor-  Army of Club Penguin

Rach, Reporter- Army of Club Penguin

Spotty, Staff-Manager-  Army of Club Penguin

Shallissa, Editor-  Army of Club Penguin


Water Vikings vs Golden Troops. 

 Water Vikings have shown a lot of effort towards the community on what they can achieve throughout these past few weeks. Golden Troops has been showing a lot on what they can accomplish during the past few weeks as well leaving them close to being in the Top Ten at placing 13th. Will the Golden Troops be able to defend their server from the Water Vikings? The staff members of CPAHQ have shared their predictions on which army will win this battle.

DMT, Director-in-Chief- Water Vikings

Echo, Editor- Water Vikings 

Rach, Reporter- Water Vikings 

Spotty, Staff-Manager- Water Vikings 

Shallissa, Editor- Water Vikings 


What do YOU think? Which army do you think will come out with the most servers? Do you think the staff of CPAHQ has made the right decisions on their predictions? Let us know down below what your predictions are on who might come out with a bang from this conquest battle!


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