Pride Parade: How Did The First Community-Wide Event Go?

ASCENT, Community Pride Event Location – Little over one day has passed since the first ever community-wide event was held. The event, dubbed the “Pride Parade,” was to celebrate Pride Month 2021, and to celebrate the inclusion and success of all LGBTQIA+ individuals within our community. The event was held in conjunction with other media sites, CPA Headquarters, CPA Hub and the Shamrock Bulletin. What exactly happened during the pride parade, though?

The Pride Parade was first announced by Max, founder of the Shamrock Bulletin and he invited every army to log on to celebrate the event. Eventually, all of the major news websites picked up on it and worked with Max to ensure the parade would be seen by all armies; ensuring a much bigger turnout. The event was to be held on Ascent, with Club Penguin Rewritten administrators allowing the community to all log on to the server simultaneously.

The event was held for all armies at the same time, each hosting their own Pride-themed event in one room on Ascent through their tactics and clothes. When looking at all the armies that came, the Pride Parade looks to have accomplished its goal: to bring the entire community together in a great celebration of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The list of armies in attendance included the: People’s Imperial Confederation, Silver Empire, Help Force, Fire Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Red Ravengers, Doritos of Club PenguinGolden Troops and Army of Club Penguin. After 20 minutes of tactics, multiple of these armies converged in the stadium for tactics in a giant heart formation.

All eight armies together in the Stadium

CP Army Network reached out to all the leaders of armies that attended this wonderful Pride Month celebration, in an effort to hear their thoughts on the Pride Parade. Here are some of their responses:

It was really fun! It was a great chance for the entire community to come together as one and express their compassion for pride month and the LGBTQ+ community. It was also so kind of the CPR Admins to allow us to get together on one server to celebrate love and equality.
~ThePieLord, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader
I thought it was heaps of fun! It was definitely nice to put aside all of our baggage and drama to come together as a community. It think it helped give people of the LGBTQIA+ community a chance to feel supported and proud to be who they are without any judgement. If we could help even one person feel more comfortable being themselves, that is worth it all to me. I always look forward to the community wide events, can’t wait for the next one!
~Amber, Silver Empire Leader
“The event hosted was fun, it amazing to see that the cpa community supported and celebrated the lgbtqa community. The Pride Parade became a platform for the community to be loud and proud, knowing people from all walks of life and age groups as well who joined together to celebrate it.”
~Barney, Help Force Leader
My thoughts on Pride Parade are that it proved that the whole army community is stronger and supports every member within the community. As an army leader myself, all I want for my troops is to be comfortable and see everyone as an equal. I’ve had my of my troops and staff members come out to us, and I respond to them with “FW Family and I support you no matter what”. This pride parade has made an impact on the LGBT+ members of this community and I am truly thankful for that.
~AustinFraud, Fire Warriors Leader
The pride parade was quite a wholesome event. It showed that in spite of all our differences, the community can come together to support a good cause. I believe that as a community we sent out a strong message that we fully support the LGBTQIA+ community and that homophobia and transphobia have no place in our community. I hope to see this parade becoming an annual event in the future.
~F6sixer, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader
I think that the pride parade was a great idea! I really wish that i could’ve gone cause it seemed really fun
~Oreo, Water Vikings Leader
I loved it!! I hope we can do it again next year and make a tradition out of it. It was so much fun getting the community together and doing something like that! All of my troops loved it so much and had fun looking at all the different armies.
~BaileyBear, Red Ravengers Leader
The parade was amazing! Usually armies are about fights and wars but its good to see a change in scenery as we celebrate diversity together. Definitely an event I’ll remember ^-^
~Cubster, Army of Club Penguin Leader
Even despite all the possible rivalries and hostilities, it looks like all armies that were in attendance had fun, in this rainbow-colored celebration. The event was heartwarming enough to convince the Club Penguin Rewritten admins to let armies do what they wanted on Ascent all together. All ten armies that attended this celebration showed that equality and tolerance of LGBTQIA+ comes first, even in a community that has too many battles to count. Club Penguin Army Network thanks everyone that supported the idea, and thank you to CPA Headquarters, CPA Hub and the Shamrock Bulletin for allowing us to host with them.
What do YOU think? Do YOU think that the celebration was as successful as originally intended? Let us know what your thoughts on the Pride Parade are in the comments!
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