Max and Cubster Promoted to Newest ACP Leaders

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capitol – On June 1st, the Army of Club Penguin leader, CSY, introduced two new leaders, Max and Cubster. What led to this decision after being solo leading for more than one year?

On June 1st, CSY introduced army veterans Max and Cubster as the 46th leaders of the Army of Club Penguin. In the announcement post entitled “The End of a Chapter is the Beginning of a New One,” CSY extols ACP achievements and states that there were only two Triumvirates in ACP history, with this being the third.

ACP Leaders

Although these promotions might seem a surprise, they can be associated as a result of the ACP’s Leadership Protocol. The Leadership Protocol is a document signed on May 16th by the Panel of Guardians (Mchappy, Flipmoo, and Shaboomboom). It states that an ACP leader cannot be solo leading for more than 550 days. This protocol is similar to the normative term limit for the U.S. presidency. It establishes a chain of command. Therefore, CSY would not be able to solo lead for many long. So, Max and Cubster would eventually receive a promotion to Commanders-in-Chief and lead alongside him.

An excerpt from ACP’s Leadership Protocol Introduction

After the promotions, ACP inaugurated the new Triumvirate with an AUSIA event where they maxed 36 penguins online. They started a Triumvirate Challenge, consisting of playing games against the three leaders.

Inauguration of the new Triumvirate (June 2nd)

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Cubster and Max, the new ACP Commanders-in-chief, to get their personal views on the promotion.

We knew both of these promotions would eventually happen, but what was the feeling of getting promoted?

Cubster: It was great honestly. Max and i have been in the army for a while as higher command and we’re ready for the next leap :))

Max: Amazing! I’ve been serving for 16 months as second-in-command so it was an incredible feeling to be given the chance to lead the army I love so much. And even better to be promoted alongside my friend Cub!

How does it feel to lead an army with the history that ACP has?

Cubster: Safe to say that im proud. ACP’s known for its amazing history and I wouldn’t have imagined to be leading this army when i came back to the community.

Max: I have always considered the rank and title of ACP Leader as one of the highest honors in the army community, so it feels amazing to be in that position! Nearly 10 years ago one of my best friends, Kingfunks4, held the ACP Leader rank and I always remembered admiring and looking up to him so much. To come full circle, and to have him watch me gain the position now feels very special.

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve as ACP leaders?

Cubster: Of course! Would love to bring back a stable good sizes for every division, as well as creating a welcoming and fun community for all that doesn’t only revolve around Club Penguin. AoM is our gaming division and we have many plans for the summer :grin:

Max: I think our main goal as a leadership is to just keep doing what we’ve being doing for a while now, and looking for ways to better ourselves even more. Above all, ensuring everyone in our ACP community has the best time possible here and the most fun!

Anything you would like to add?

Cubster: Green togetha fam foeva!!!!!!

Max: Happy Pride Month everyone, and don’t forget the Community Pride Parade this Saturday, June 5th, at 3pm EST on Ascent!

The three Commanders-in-chief seem excited to lead together and accomplish new things in both personal and collective fields. As summer approaches and the Project: Conquest is just a few weeks ahead, we will see how the new Clover Leadership will do.

What do YOU think of this new Triumvirate? Will the new leaders bring something different to ACP? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Rach June 3, 2021 (10:41 pm)

    Congrats Max and Cubs!!!

  2. fulcrum23 June 22, 2021 (9:06 pm)

    Congrats to one of my friends in ACP, Cubby! You are awesome!

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