Underground Mafias Army Hosts Reunion: Potential Comeback?

MITTENS, Underground Mafias Headquarters – In late December, the historical Underground Mafias Army shut down indefinitely and became a gaming organization. However, on May 24th, the administration announced a possible reunion as an army for summer. Will the army return?

On May 24th, 2021, former Underground Mafias Army leader Dino released a poll in the UMA discord server asking if the army should host a reunion for the annual Legends Cup Tournament. Nonetheless, he made clear that it would not be a revival but a simple reunion instead.

The poll published in UM discord server

Later that day, a post entitled “Reunion?” was published on the UMA website. There, Dino reiterates that the mafias don’t need CP Armies to live and delivers some critics about the current status of the community. Therefore, he also states that, if happening, this reunion will only last for the time of the Legends Cup. And that if the tournament is not hosted, UMA will participate in any summer tournament, whether it is major or small-medium.

An excerpt from “Reunion?”

The Underground Mafias Army was one of the oldest armies. It was created on January 8th, 2007, by Pink Mafias, a popular CP cheats blogger, and it soon became a force to be reckoned with. UMA was one of the biggest armies during the Original CP Era. It was later revived to a CPPS Era by Ehroyals81 and Zeke. The mafias eventually closed indefinitely in late December 2020, after some controversial events involving several members of the army community.

Pink Mafias’ player card during a battle in 2007.

To find out more about this possible reunion, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Dino, UM Premier.

What led to the decision of hosting a reunion, and why a reunion instead of a full revival?

This is so more due to the practicality, and also general reasoning. As the post outlines, none of us at UMA like CPA anymore to a point where we can do anything long-term, nor is this community serving of UMA. But we thought an one-off potential string of reunions for the legend cup(s) and S/M tournament in a final run would be nice. Chat might be deregulated a bit for reasons but generally it’ll just be a nice way to come together. UMA intends to continue its multi-gaming stuff on the side. I’ll also point out that for clarify purposes, the reunion isn’t confirmed. It’s more so in a polling stage and even that poll is not the end all, be all. But since it’s unanimously a lot in favor, you can maybe expect some action.

In your post, you mentioned that you and the other UM administrators have several plans. Is there any possibility that UMA continues as an army after the summer?

No. I still want to clarify that isn’t a full fledged long-term revival, or really revival at all. More so a string of reunion such for these upcoming tournaments this summer. Think of it like last year’s “EHUMA” legends cup surprise appearance, except this time we won’t aim to be disqualify and actually put the effort in. You can expect the usual UMA humor though because selling-out the uniqueness of UMA for a tournament in modern CPA isn’t fun and respectful to our legacy. UMA just wants to do this to have fun for ourselves and maybe even others in the community.

Have you already decided who will be leading? If so, can you reveal it?

We have an “idea” of a default leadership and other ideas but it won’t be revealed.

Anything you would like to add?

Sure. Modern CPA has seen a lot of action recently in the past months and the idea of “warfare” is somewhat being revived. Underground Mafias would like to cash in for old times sake and give the community’s tournaments a wild card this time around. Like I said UMA will still be well, UMA with its tactics and all because selling out for success isn’t fun and isn’t UMA. But unlike last year’s little thing, we don’t aim to do extreme tactics that are aimed for purposely getting disqualified. I invite all to take up arms for this reunion and have fun. Fight the bad! Hurb.

It appears that the Underground Mafias Army is probably reuniting only to participate in summer tournaments. Although a revival seems very unlikely, this is an interesting reunion from an army that surely marked the community’s history. The poll about the reunion is still ongoing and the name UMA will definitely be heard soon.

What do YOU think of this reunion? Will the Underground Mafias Army eventually return for another generation? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below.


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