Big Word Bubbles: Useful or Overused?

Klondike: CP Army Headquarters – Since the start of the CPPS era, we’ve become accustomed to the ever-evolving nature of the game. One such evolution which is often overlooked is that of army warfare itself. The several different CPPSes that we have experimented with and the way leaders of this community have conducted battles have been notable figures in this transition since 2017. However, with the use of Big Word Bubbles, this could be more of a negative transition in the eyes of some.

Please Note: This post contains the opinion of the author. This is not the opinion of CPAHQ or any of its Administrators or Judges. Furthermore, if your army is featured in this piece, this is by no means a way of “calling your army out”, pictures in this article are used as examples.

With that, let’s dive in.

Allow us to first define what a Big Word Bubble Tactic is: it is a belief of many that they’re those obnoxious word bubbles that armies spam to make up for their lack of size. If they are maxing 50 troops and they throw in a tactic that covers the whole room and no penguins are visible, then there is no point.

Peoples Imperial Confederation Doing a Big Word Bubble Tactic

Although in this picture it is clear that the People’s Imperial Confederation is doing a bomb with this tactic, the point can still be made that although their size is on the smaller side, they do look quite a bit bigger based on how much pure space that this tactic is taking up. However, if they were in a simple formation, this might look okay because of the size.

Let’s take a look at a major army:

Practice Battle Between SWAT and the Ice Warriors

This picture, in the nicest way possible, gives me a headache. Even though this is a Practice Battle and both armies are engaging in a Big Word Bubble, it is so unclear as to what the size on both sides really is. Besides the troops at the bottom of the Iceberg and the two on the left side, it is difficult to see other troops because of whatever “WEEWOO” is supposed to accomplish in this battle.

Maybe this is just my own personal army history, but I was always under the impression that tactics were supposed to mean something to the army. I do not particularly have an issue with Big Word Bubbles that mean something to go along with this. For example, I’m going to use the Army of Club Penguin.

Army of Club Penguin Engaging in a Big Word Bubble Tactic

As we all know, one of ACP’s sayings is “March On”, hence why I believe this is a good use of a Big Word Bubble. This is just one example of a Big Word Bubble that is used in a way that is not meaningless. Let us not forget that during the days of CP Armies The Game, which closed down a few months ago, the “@” and “#” were able to be used and armies would time and time again find ways to “creatively” use these two meaningless symbols in battle.

To conclude, if I were the supreme being of all of CP Armies, which I’m not, nor do I ever want to be, if an army were to use a Big Word Bubble Tactic, I would encourage them to have it mean something as opposed to random words that take up space.

What do YOU think? What are your thoughts on Big Word Bubbles? Do you think they have played a major key in the way our community has evolved? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Ferdthebird1 May 28, 2021 (6:51 am)

    yeap I remember the iconic @@@ big word bubbles LMAOO

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