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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- After a short while, welcome back to yet another edition of the weekly column “Do You Know Your Comrade?”! As you might be aware by now, this column reaches out to two co-leaders or colleagues, all in a bid to find out who truly knows the other better. This week we feature none other than the Director in-Chief and Vice Director of CP Army HQ! The duo is that of DMT and Vanish.

DISCLAIMER: Some parts of this post are satirically written. These parts are solely for the purposes of entertainment and are not meant to be taken seriously.


After a 1 week break and almost spilling my coffee over reading our very own DMT’s latest post, I am very happy to be bringing back this column for you all to enjoy! I never thought his humor would inspire me so much as to me featuring my boss. But we cannot forget about Vanish! yes, Vanish has been an inspiration too. Though I didn’t get to know him well on our first meeting, After which he literally vanished from the CPAHQ discord. The second time around though, I had the privilege of asking Vanish to add me on Discord. He’s literally carried the CPAHQ Discord polls since birth, which is worth it’s weight alone.


DMT, formerly known by the secretive name of Doctor Mine Turtle, is an army veteran and Legend. DMT’s lengthy army career started way back in 2010 with the Club Penguin Crew. DMT stayed.  After their death, he joined the Nachos, crunching his opponents until winter of 2013. Soon after, attempts were made by DMT to create his own army which would not become a success, to the surprise of nobody. Next, he worked in the likes of Striking Raiders and Redemption Force.

Around this time DMT also found out media organizations such as CP Army Central, Small-Medium Army Central, and Small-Medium Army Press. Afterward, DMT focussed on reviving the Army Republic, under the selection of Burr, Vinny, and A. DMT became a decent part of the recruiting force before ultimately becoming leader of the Army Republic in 2015. Sadly DMT was couped in winter of the same year which, again, is a surprise to nobody.  Upon this revelation, he accepted a 2ic position, beginning his legacy of being a total pushover. Later on, DMT held important positions in the Army of CP as a 2ic, Club Penguin Armies as an Administrator, CP Army Media and CP Army Hub as an advisor, and finally  CP Army HQ as the Dictator in Chief.


Learning about Vanish’s history, on the other hand, was an interesting ordeal for me. I was told Vanish started his army career in 2008 (seriously how many boomers are in here?), with the Army of Club Penguin.

So you were here even before DMT? 😮

Vanish: As in I joined armies before him? Yes :joy: He joined in 2010 or 2011 right?

Yes that is a fact, 2010 specifically. 

Vanish: :rebelbuffle: 

In 2011, Vanish found and joined the Club Penguin Green Team (I guess green’s a favorite color for our buddy Vanish!), making his way up to second-in-command. 2012-14 was the era when Vanish changed armies multiple times, enlisting in the likes of Dark Warriors, SWAT, Ice Warriors, and so on; being a moderator and low high-command in some of them. Towards the end of 2014, Vanish finally got the chance to lead the Smart Penguins and the aforementioned Redemption Force for short periods of time.  This paints a clear picture that the foundation of CPAHQ has been in motion since these devilish derelicts were dealing in the Force.

The duo surely has contrasting army histories, one with great detail and one with less. The amount of time these two have spent in the community is half impressive and half concerning.  It raises an important question: is CPAHQ ran by geezers?

The first person that popped into thought was on Kingfunks4, who’s a very well-established face in the community himself.  He’s also really old.  This is the part where you laugh

Are you a boomer as well?

Kingfunks: I joined armies in 2009 :rofl:

Three important cogs in CPAHQ are held by these old dudes?  It’s no wonder that DMT would always get angry with people who had issues with the Top Ten on Sundays.  It would always make him late to his brunch and bingo game with Vanish and Funks.
Regardless of how long these two have been here, the duo have run CPAHQ for a couple of months now. The administration has been brainstorming ideas on making their organization a more innovative and successful force, without losing the identity of being an army news site. Through it all, the friendship of DMT and Vanish has been put on display for the entire community.  On that note, let’s now finally interview the two comrades to find out who really knows the other better!

What were your initial thoughts on seeing your comrade for the first time?

DMT: Well the very first time I saw him it was in redemption force and he was always silent in chat lol. I thought he was intimidating cause he and joeymaster were much higher ranked than me and did media stuff so I was “these guys are legit” First time I saw him in cpps armies I was like holy crap gray ur still around?

Vanish: My first thoughts on Dmt… oh boy. That he was super young at first, but beyond smart an dedicated, very genuine guy.

What’s something hilarious your comrade has done?

DMT: Every time we have a problem behind the scenes he’s always ready to put a poll up for it LOL

That’s what she said! Wait i- UGH I have got to remember DMT’s a he, sorry sir uwu

Vanish: It’s hard to pick one funny thing Dmt has done, he’s kinda everyday funny. I don’t have any good memories of when I first met him. I’d say when he ordered all CPAHQ Staff on for March madness. It was just a good / funny time for awhile.(edited)

Name 1 based and 1 really sus moment of your comrade :eyes:

DMT: Based: constantly reminding us that CPAHQ is the media JUGGERNAUT and that we are primed for domination. Well, really just that he always reminds us and the whole staff when things are going good.

Sus: he do be having bad grammar doe :flushed:

Vanish: I can’t share any sus moments because Dmt would ban me :joy: & Something based Dmt has done is despite anyone or all armies going against him, or CPAHQ as a whole, he only means good. He is constantly trying his hardest, well helping out a bunch.

Out of you two comrades, which one do you think is easier to coup?

DMT: Definitely me cause I’m very trusting of my VD and AD. They could pull a fast one on me. However they don’t cause I’m the best and they would face enormous backlash, duh.

Vanish: I’d definitely be way easier to coup. #DownWithDmt

Describe your comrade’s username the way you perceive it

DMT: His username is synonymous with his ability to disappear for a whole day! Orrrrr it’s like that cause he makes the competition vanish :smiling_imp:

Vanish: When I first met (Dmt) his username was Dr Mine Turtle. I was taken back. I thought some little kid just put three completely random words together.

What’s something you would want to tell your comrade through this post which you haven’t been able to say till now?

DMT: You were right about the Nitro payments for March Madness lmao

Vanish: I’ve always wanted to tell him, thank you for being a good friend, [and] it goes way past that. He’s been a good genuine friend since the day I met him. He is always trying todo the right thing and help me out. He is also the main reason I’m in CPAHQ :smirk~2:

So I had to wait a good 3 hours before getting replies but hey, I love reporting. It’s amazing to see how close the two comrades are to each other, even if Vanish refrained from recounting a sus moment of DMT so he would not get fired.  This confirms that DMT runs a dictatorship behind the scenes of this website.

That finally concludes this edition of Do You Know Your Comrade? I hope you liked reading this post as much as I liked writing it down! I am very sure the duo, along with the third administrator Sidie9, have a lot of things in store for CPAHQ. Summer is just around the corner and so are many more exciting projects and plans for this organization!

What do YOU think? How well do these two comrades know each other? Are you aware of boomers around you? Will DMT kill me for misgendering him twice in this post? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!


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