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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to another brand new edition of the weekly column “Do You Know Your Comrade”! This column reaches out to two co-leaders or colleagues, all in a bid to find out who truly knows the other better. This week, we feature a duo that has been leading an army together for a very long time, even being one of the original leaders of the said army from way back in 2018. The duo is that of Xing and Brownpen!


Xing is a leader and the creator of the Templars of Club Penguin, having created the army on April 4th, 2018. Over time, the Templars have been through various controversial moments and wars, even being defaced and closed down several times. After his brief break from the army community, Xing made the Templars, which is arguably his most valuable and successful creation to date: being active for over 3 years and many generations. The Templars’ strongest generation came in the era of the Club Penguin Online Army League (CPOAL), with sizes consistently reaching up to 45 and giving a good competition to many other established armies in tournaments and battles.

The Templars have been at war against many armies, some of the notable ones being the Rebel Penguin Federation, Elite Guardians, SWAT, Water Vikings, Recon Federation, and so on. Most of these wars culminated in uncertain results and outcomes and were met with criticism from the army community. But even with these traits, the Templars have maintained an active presence in the community.  As a result, for his massive contributions in keeping the Templars active for over 3 years, through many contrasting moments and situations, Xing was awarded the status of Army Legend in 2018.


Brownpen started his army career in the year 2017. In his first army, the Romans, Brownpen worked his way up to a high command rank before leaving for the Rebel Penguin Federation. After a little while, Brownpen decided to return to the Romans for a second stint. It was during this period that he met his now really close friend Xing for the first time. Moving on, towards the end of 2017-April 2018, Brownpen spent time in various armies for a while, looking to find an army to call home.

On April 4th, 2018, Brownpen joined his Xing’s army for a rank of third in command. Further, soon after in January 2019, when the Templars were evoked in a leadership crisis Brownpen was granted the position of Grand Prior (army leader) to form a new, stabilized leadership. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, Brownpen improved the army and in just a matter of a few months, achieved the title of Templars Legend.

These two comrades’ friendship surely goes back a very long time, as they’ve shared the same allegiance since 2018. The 2 have steered the Templars through many conflicts while also reforming the leadership and high command of the army in dire straits. It becomes very interesting to wonder how well Xing and Brownpen have come to know each other with a friendship like this. So, which one of the two really knows the other better? Let’s find out!

What were your initial thoughts on seeing your comrade for the first time?

Xing: I declared war on him

Brownpen: We never really got along at first, I didn’t really like xing much back then. We were kind of enemies at that time, he seemed experienced though.

What’s something hilarious your comrade has done?

Xing: Himself
Brownpen: There’s quite a lot of hilarious things Xing has done. One of them was the time Xing started spamming “mmmm” during a CPAM meeting then got the other leaders to join in and we all got muted

If your comrade had to lead only a one-word tactic for the rest of their life, what would it be?

Xing: [Redacted] 

What is one of your comrade’s qualities which should never change?

His humor

As you have been friends for a very long time now, what’s one thing about your comrade which people don’t know?

Xing: Brown sounds like he’s African-American.
Brownpen: Xing’s actually a really chill guy, even though he may act “toxic” in the cp army community.

What’s one thing your comrade loves and one thing they hate?

Xing: Brown loves me and [Redacted]
Xing really likes trolling although he’s kinda toned down on it a bit. And one thing he hates is…oranges…

The friendship of these two comrades is really a unique and long-lasting one. To think two people can dislike each other initially, and still go on to forge such a strong relationship is proof of the massive power of this bond called friendship. Leading together for over 2 years now, the comrades have become close and complement each other’s style really well. It will be interesting to see how the two continue marching forward along with the Templars, participating and doing well in many more wars and battles to come for sure! We wish good luck to the duo, and hope circumstances unfold in their favor both on and off the battlefield.

What do YOU think? Who amongst the two knows the other better? Which comrades and questions would you like to see featured in further editions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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