Army In Focus: Rebel Penguin Federation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the fourth publication of the column Army In Focus! In this column, we put an army under a microscope each week and look at either their success throughout the week or their failures. This week we’ll be looking at the Rebel Penguin Federation. What was the secret behind their highly successful week?

The Rebel Penguin Federation is one of the oldest and among the most successful armies of all time. Over the 14 years of their existence, the army laid claim to several accolades, from tournament wins to revolutionary change. Moreover, they also currently hold the record for largest max ever, maxing 180 last year. The rebels are even more famous for their longtime hold on the top position in Top Ten armies over many years.

Currently, the army is led by Elexonck and F6sixer. The Rebels entered this week with a lot of hype, as the army announced their anniversary week. With tons of fun events and a huge Anniversary Day event, the Rebels enjoyed one of their most successful weeks of this year. On the way, they broke the record max for the year 2021, maxing 104 in their anniversary event. They placed on the first position in this week’s Top Ten Armies list. Even here, they broke the records for this year, eking out a whopping 94 points. Interestingly, both records were previously held by their brother allies, the Ice Warriors. It is certainly refreshing to see the long time champions regain their grip on the top rank.

With a graphic as awesome as that, how could the event have not maxed 104 😉

A picture from the special event that maxed 104.

Overall, the Rebels enjoyed an extremely hyped and successful week. They also managed to reclaim the much coveted ‘top spot’ from the Help Force! Will the Rebels continue to keep their flippers locked on to the top spot next week?

What do YOU think? Will the Rebels boast about yet another successful week? Or will their success not carry through to the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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