Rebel Penguin Federation Celebrate 14th Anniversary Week

TUXEDO – Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – During this past week, the Rebel Penguin Federation has been celebrating its anniversary. They had been hosting some fun events each day to get the hype going for their special event. Let’s see how their spirit week went for their 14th anniversary!

The Rebel Penguin Federation was founded on May 8th, 2007 by Commando717. We have seen just how dominant the Rebels have been in their 14-year history. Whether it be from wars they have participated in or the plethora of tournaments they have won, the Federation continued to show they are a force to be reckoned with.

Back in 2013, the Federation came out victorious in the fourth annual Legends Cup, a legendary matchup that took place between the Rebels and the Doritos. This is truly what kicked off RPF’s hot streak as they went on to continue their dominance and emerge victoriously. They went on to win four Legends Cup titles in the tournaments’ ten-year history, a feat that has not been done by any other army.

Since their founding, we have seen many of CPA’s most notable names arise from the Federation. With people such as Commando717, Elmikey, Ultipenguinj, Silverburg, and Crazzy, it is no secret that the Rebels have produced mass amounts of success since their founding 14 years ago.

They have by far been the most dominant army in the CPPS era, they have come out victorious in multiple tournaments within the Club Penguin Army Hub including Legends Cup X, and Fright or Fight, and Christmas Chaos. They have also been able to achieve the highest recorded max in CPA history where they maxed a whopping 180 troops.

Over this past week, Rebel Penguin Federation has held all kinds of events that led up to their anniversary to celebrate their 14 years of being an army. They have kicked off the spirit week with a Scavenger hunt throughout their website with some fun riddles to solve. They started on Monday 3rd with an AUSIA game called Hodgepodge, where they got together and worked as a team for a fun-packed recipe! Following along with a U-Lead event, where troops got the opportunity to lead an event. To follow, the Rebels continued to celebrate by dressing up in their color ranks, where they had dressed up in their outfits that represented their rank colors. Amongst these events, they continued throughout the week to pay homage to their extensive history as a well-established army in this community.

Rebel Penguin Federation logged on for their 14th-anniversary with 104 penguins total. Click to Enlarge

Since the Rebel Penguin Federation has joined the army community, they have proven how far they have come since 2007. What will they bring with them to show what they got plan in-store to show off their strength and loyalty?

What do YOU think? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation continue on for many years to come? What could we expect from them within next the few years? Let us know what you guys think in the comments down below!


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