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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In this edition of Leaders Lounge, we journey deep into the icey kingdom. Here we meet Kally – the newest leader of the Ice Warriors. Who is Kally and what is the story behind her rise to leadership?

IW custom penguin by Subster, graphic by Scorp

Kally joined the army community in August 2018 as a Pirates troop. After two months in the Pirates, she joined Elite Trackers and Activities as a troop and stayed there until the army eventually shut down.

Eventually, she ended up joining the Doritos as a troop in January 2020. From here, Kally worked hard and received a promotion to the staff team on March 3rd. However, her time as a staff member was short-lived. Following several internal conflicts, Kally left the Doritos on March 25th to enlist with the Crimson Guardians. The very next day, she switched to the Ice Warriors.

As a staff member, Kally spent two months in the team before being promoted to Trusted Staff on May 1st. During the summer of 2020, she also dual enlisted as a HCOM member of the Coup Crusaders. In August, Kally led the Hold Bugs Army as well. Unfortunately, both of the aforementioned armies enjoyed a short life in the community.

Ice Warriors vs Help Force on September 11th.

On September 11th, following quite a lot of time and hard work, Kally received a promotion to Leader In Training in the Warriors. This achievement is certainly quite incredible, as it took her barely five months to earn the promo. In October, Kally led the famous Water Ninjas as well – which was a colony of the Ice Warriors. She helped the Water Ninjas achieve a lot of success. For her contributions, she also received an induction to the Ninjas’ Hall of Fame. She led the Ninjas till January until their eventual demise.

On April 13th, long time leaders Flamez and Orange retired from the Ice Warriors. Following the departures, Iceyfeet1234 inducted Kally as the next leader of the Warriors. On April 25th, the Warriors hosted a special event to usher her into leadership. A  whopping 62 penguins attended the event!

Kally’s induction ceremony

To find out more about her story, the CP Army Headquarters team interviewed Kally.

What was your first impression of the Ice Warriors, and what was the reason behind you joining the army as a staff member?

I joined Ice Warriors in the end of March after some staff/leader conflicts in Doritos, the army I was staff in. Even though I had always hated IW, because of the enemy status, most of my friends had chosen it as their new home, so I followed. We were warmly welcomed, which surprised me and completely changed my view of the army. In the following days and weeks, one by one, my Dorito friends all either went back to DCP or retired, but I had built a new home and was the last one to stay.

What was the reason behind staying despite all your old friends leaving?

I think at first, a lot of it had to do with pride. A lot of insulting things were said when I left DCP and I wasn’t okay with it and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. At the same time I had met a lot of amazing people in IW that made staying worthwhile, people like Shinde and Regan, Alex, Panini, Flamez, Law, Waddle, Iceyfeet, and so on, there’s a thousand names on this list that I could mention. Over time, those old friends became distant acquaintances and the people I used to despise became my closest friends.

How was your experience in the IW as a staff member? What were your favorite things about that time?

Hmm, I think early 2020, although fun as staff, was also very messy for IW. A lot of things happened in the community and the army changed, a lot of people were leaving and even more were joining the ranks. Ultimately, my favourite part was the close-knit community, the staff team was tiny compared to today. Alex and LawCorazon, both amazing IW leaders, joined IW around the same time as I did, and it was amazing to see them join and grow. Overall it was just a lot of messing around with the staff team, I didn’t take armies very seriously back then and we had a lot of fun and made some unforgettable memories.

If you didn’t take armies seriously, then how did you end up being promoted to Trusted Staff?

Kally: That is a mystery to me as well lol. I think, since the staff team was really small, it really came down to activity and how involved you were in the army. I was friendly with everybody, practically lived on main-chat and I was just really eager to do more, and I think the leaders also noticed that.

Scorp: Oh, fair enough… now for a really important question, I expect a good answer for this one.

What’s the story behind your Minecraft salon having a huge hole in it, and was this hole ever fixed?!


Scorp: *wheeze*

Kally: Icey made me that salon as a Secret Santa gift and the MC Server Moderators were so jealous they just destroyed it!!! :crying: Hehe but Subster rolled the server back so it’s all good now. We’re open for business… DM for business inquiries.

What are some of your favorite memories as a trusted staff and LIT?

For suuuure my favourite memory is everything that has to do with leading Ice Warriors’ colony, the Water Ninjas. I was thrown into a group of people that I didn’t know that well and we turned out to be an amazing group together. The Queens (IceQueen & DrQueen) and the Commies (Freedomist & me) are still very close to each other and we continue to bully IceQueen on the daily with the addition of Levelz on our side. Some memorable events include IW end of summer party, all the events for CpArmies shutting down, and even beating Water Vikings as a colony. All those memories with WN transferred over to IW and made us all really close to each other as a Staff Team, since we had that one place where we could have fun and mess around without worrying about main chat locals and staff duties like recruiting or moderating chat :skull: It was also a really great learning experience and getting to know the community from a leaders’ standpoint really helped me prepare for leadership in IW.

(asks about fav memories in IW) [talks about WN]

What were your favorite things to do in IW as a LIT?

Something I’m still proud of is how we managed to shut down and convert to a games server in under a week, and it’s also one of my favourite changes I’ve been involved in. I worked a lot behind the scenes with leaders and we set up a very organised way to plan and host game events, which kept our troops around, and we still use it to this day! During that time I also started doing daily schedules which challenged my skills as a wannabe graphic designer, but I think they are very helpful for both troops and staff to know when what happens. They’re tedious sometimes, but I really like doing them, as they help me to stay organised as well! Another one of my favourites is to lead divisional battles for Polar against our enemy division Blizzard and destroying them week after week :goo~2:

How did you first come to know that you were getting promoted to leader, and what was your reaction to it?

LOL so, of course with two leader retiring, I was expecting a promotion. It was announced at Flamez’ retirement event for those who don’t know. I thought the event was over and I had already gone to brush my teeth and get ready for bed, kind of disappointed that nothing had happened. So there I was, tending to my dental hygiene, opening my phone to around 30 pings, with Icey announcing that we’d have an event dedicated to me being inducted as a leader. I was excited then, but I knew I still had a week to wait. Even after the induction, I think I still haven’t fully gotten used to it. There are still things I keep discovering, like being able to change my custom role’s colour? Life changing. These tiny details keep blowing my mind hahah.

What do you plan on doing in the future as a leader?

I want to focus on what made me stay, which is friendships. Nobody stays in armies for the snowflakes, or the coins, or even the Nitro. We all stay for the communities that we have found and the friend groups that we have built. A great army is nothing without its’ staff and without its’ troops, and if we focus on that, I know that results will follow, and a tournament win would be in close reach.

Kally has one of the most amazing and funny stories among the modern generation leaders. All eyes are on her as she leads the Ice Warriors to bag more laurels and also make some cherished memories on the way!

What do YOU think? Will you book an appointment in Kally’s salon anytime soon? Do YOU EVEN THINK ANYTHING cuz like I don’t see YOU commenting…. Let us know in the comments section below I guess.

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Headquarters Column Manager

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