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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of the weekly column “Do You Know Your Comrade”! In this column, we reach out to two colleagues and find out who truly knows the other better. This week, we feature a duo who aren’t co-leaders but fellow staff of the Army of Club Penguin. They are also former judges from the CPAHQ March Madness Tournament. The duo is Fusion and Robot!


Fusion is one of the Field Generals (Fourth In Command) in the Army of Club Penguin. He also serves as an Editor-In-Chief and a member of the grading team in CPAHQ staff. Moreover, he is part of the group of judges who umpired the closely contested March Madness tournament. From the year he spent in this community, you may also remember him judging the iconic Legends Cup X tournament of 2020. Fusion was also previously a Content Manager in CPAHQ. He played a key role in producing posts and managing aspects so integral to this organization.


Robot, on the other hand, is a Field Marshal(Second In Command) in the Army of Club Penguin. He also happens to be a part of the March Madness judging team. Robot brings tons of experience to the table, being a former Rebel Penguin Federation leader and army veteran. Interestingly, Robot had briefly left the Army of CP high command back in late January 2021, serving as an advisor and being inducted into the Army of Club Penguin Hall of Fame as a dedicated officer for his efforts. Along with this, Robot is also a permanent judge in CPAHQ owing to his experience and skills.

Being staff in the same army, and a part of the judging team for a large tournament, these two comrades have worked together for a considerable amount of time. Both of these individuals work in their own unique way and can boost any team’s worth that they join. As such, it is an interesting take to wonder how well the duo knows each other. And further, which one of the two really knows the other better? It’s time to find out!

What were your initial thoughts on seeing your comrade for the first time?

Fusion: Not going to lie, first time I met Rob I didn’t like him. Simply for the reason of army affiliations, I was in IW and he was in ACP and the two armies don’t exactly see eye to eye. Now though, I know robot as a big ol softie uwu.

Robot: I thought he was very arrogant, didn’t like him, and actually banned him from the ACP discord. I then met him properly for the second time, and that completely changed my image of him. Fusion’s a great, funny, chill guy and I overall love hanging around with him. He’s also very hardworking and dedicated when he wants to be.

What’s one hilarious thing your comrade has done?

Fusion: We had a fun jackbox session the other day, and Rob kept asking me to meow on vc and would follow it up with “uwu cute”

Robot: That whole jackbox session was so funny, if you know you know :wink:

What is one of your comrade’s traits which you feel is the most unique?

Fusion: Robot’s ability to light a fire underneath his friends. He’s very motivating in the way he speaks and this truly ignites a passion for the rest of us.

Robot: His meows are amazing, I’ve never heard better :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You have been staff with your comrade twice, which run do you prefer and why: being co Army of CP staff members or being co CPAHQ judges?

Fusion: ACP Staff for sure! I don’t really dabble too much in the judging side of CPAHQ so I’m much closer with Rob because of ACP Staff.

Robot: ACP over anything of course. The work we’ve done together in ACP over the past few months has caused us to see the army reach the top after a very long time and that’s something that you can’t feel anywhere else.

Name one instance which really helped you understand your comrade better and bring you closer to them.

Fusion: March Madness! As we all know the tournament was pretty intense especially towards the end, and this helped me understand Rob’s passion for excelling ACP to be the best we can be.

Robot: Probably the time we first talked when he joined ACP, I had pictured him as arrogant but when he joined ACP and we talked I saw that he was a chill guy and that really changed my point of view of him from how it was originally.

Describe your comrade in 3 words

Fusion: Furry + Motivating + uwu

Robot: Funny + Chill + Very UWU

It is evident that these two friends really like each other a lot, bringing positivity and well…cuteness wherever they go.  This also shows us how close staff members become to each other, even in non-leading roles, and how strongly a friendship can develop even if it didn’t have the best of starts. We laud the work this duo has done for their army and in other projects. And we wish good luck to them in all future endeavors!

What do YOU think? Who amongst the two knows the other better? Which comrades and questions would you like to see featured in further editions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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