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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On April 24th, the Doritos of Club Penguin announced their return into the community. The army features a brand new leadership team as well. Who exactly are the Doritos, and what would their return signify?

The Doritos were created on February 8th, 2010 by Wwebestfan. The army went through multiple wars during their existence, but they always remained strong. They won their first war against the Defense of CP barely one week after they were created.  This helped them gain ownership of the abbreviation ‘DCP’, which is exclusively used for Doritos ever since. Four months after their creation, the Doritos achieved “world power” status for the first but not the last time in their history. The army’s high maxes and strong tactics have marked them a place in CPA history forever.

While the Doritos always fought for what they believe is right, accusations of multilogging bombarded the army from time to time. The most infamous multilogging scandal that stained their name was during the original Club Penguin era. The incidents occurred under the leadership of Mustapha10x and Badboy. This in turn sparked a series of wars with the Ice Warriors. Throughout the years, the chips and the warriors had many impactful conflicts, the most recent one being the DCP Coalition War from the summer of 2020.

Tumultuous rises and falls bothered the last generation of this army, especially during March Madness 2020. In this tournament, the Doritos maxed a total of 150+ troops. There were also many other high points for the army, such as when reaching 10,000 members in their discord. After the end of flash, the Doritos went into a period of inactivity and turned into a gaming server, hosting game events.

Doritos in March Madness 2020, click to enlarge.

The most recent generation, announced in a post titled “The Revival”, is being led by Rah, Shirak64Possum03, and 2funky3. Rah is the only leader among these four who led the Doritos in their previous generation. Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

After making some legendary history in previous CPPS generations, we’re more than happy to announce the Doritos return back to the army community. Only this time, we’re here to provide nothing but excitement and amusement for you guys.

For this generation, we are only looking to lay back and continue the legacy of this legendary army. We made countless memories in previous months, why not continue making more? With a newly reformed staff team and troops, we are excited to become closer as a family and what awaits us for this generation.

On May Second, 2021, the Doritos held their revival event on Club Penguin Rewritten. At this event, they were able to pull off an impressive max of 64 troops to show their support for this brand new gen of Doritos.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to the Doritos leader, Possum03 for an interview regarding the specifics of this revival.

Seeing as the Doritos have been gone quite a while from the Club Penguin Army scheme, do you think that you guys will explode from the start or start out slower?

It’s really hard to say. Obviously the goal is to start with a bang, but it’s probably going to take a little bit to get our new members acclimated to the army scene. As summer gets closer, I think it’s going to get even bigger, and by legends cup we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with 1,000%

With all of your former staff spread across many armies, do you guys think you might be able to get most of them back, or at least to dual enlist?

It really depends. We have already gotten a lot of interest from former staff members, and I’m really happy with our current staff team. We are not going to allow dual enlisting for staff members at this time, because we really want everyone’s full focus to be on DCP. This unfortunately makes it challenging for people who’ve found homes in new armies, but once a Dorito always a Dorito, and I expect a lot of our previous members to find their way home when they’re ready.

Do you have any immediate plans in terms of alliances, or do you guys think that you might want to start out a little bit more isolated?

I’d rather not reveal our hand at this point in time. All I will say is DCP has both historical allies and enemies. While we have no plans at this time as far as big foreign relations projects, the Doritos will be be ready for whatever the army community throws us.

Do you have anything else you want to add?

Fear the shield.

It looks as though the Doritos aim to make a strong return. Historical precedent suggests that the army may get involved in a war even if they don’t plan to. However, it seems like the current leadership are confident in their prowess to make this generation count. The four veterans have a huge task in front of them as they move forward from their revival event.

What do YOU think? Will the Doritos make a successful return to the community? Let us know in the comments section below!


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