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Klondike, CP Army Headquarters – The Army of Club Penguin is first organized army to be created, among other things. They’ve had a long list of much-extolled leaders, many of whom did great things. But one leader who’s always stood out from the crowd is CSY. Between his obsession with pokemon and his AUSIA conquests, he’s one of the most prominent figures in the community. What is the story behind his rise to fame?

CSY joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2015, originally being recruited by the Water Vikings. In some time, he rose through the ranks, and soon enough led the green army’s AUSIA division. However, he gradually fell inactive and soon received a demotion for the same. CSY also led the AUSIA divisions of major armies like the Doritos and the Water Vikings before retiring.

On November 26th, 2019, CSY rejoined the Clovers for the rank of Third In Command, under Koloway‘s wing. On his return, he led an AUSIA event titled “Probably the best AUSIA event of ACP”. Such humble, modest leaders are so rarely found in this community! The Army of CP was at a strong point when he returned, going on to win the Holiday Championship finals on January 5th. However, the army witnessed a fall in sizes, as Koloway fell inactive and eventually retired on January 27th. CSY and Kailey replaced him as the new leaders of the army. However, Kailey stepped down from her rank following internal conflict, leaving CSY as the sole leader of the army.

One story of CSY is when he got promoted to leader from 2ic, despite not knowing where certain CPR rooms were :sob: and he also called the fish bucket in the ski lodge a ‘bath tub’ so that’s where the :CsyShower: emote came from.
-Kailey133, Army of CP Field Marshall

Following several rebuilding weeks, the army declared its first war under CSY’s leadership, against the Romans. The war resulted in success, with a score of 5-0. The army made a return to its full strength on March 28th, maxing 70 in a three-way practice battle. Under CSY’s leadership, they made their way to the finals of CPAM’s Premier League tournament, losing to the Rebel Penguin Federation despite maxing 65. This was just the first of the conflicts between the two armies looming on the horizon.

On April 27th, the Rebels declared war on the Clovers, despite CSY’s attempts to pacify the community after the famous post by ‘TheManWithThePlan’, that leaked the green army’s private chats. Thus, the World War Rewritten began. Both armies formed strong alliances and met on the battlefield several times. As each army claimed victory, the results of this war went unsettled. The Rebels and the Clovers agreed to a ceasefire on May 2nd, ending the war. CSY gained several rewards for his wartime efforts.

The Clovers went on to max 80+ in the Legends Cup X quarter finals against the Ice Warriors, but lost the battle. However, CSY managed to keep the army’s spirit up and continued making advances. He introduced the Shamrock Bulletin in July, as a news organization dedicated to the Army of CP. The army launched their Legion Espanola on August 16th, maxing 32. This was the first time an entirely Spanish division had featured in the green army. During this period, the Clovers won several practice battles against major opponents under CSY’s leadership.

Chaos started the ‘CSY smells’ thing, I believe. Honestly, just impersonating CSY and bullying him is always fun, he’s a fun person to be around cos he always has his funny moments. OMG CSY PUNS, there was this one time when he kept making puns, and then was like OPEN THE CHAT THEY’RE BULLYING ME. 
-Kailey133, Army of CP Field Marshall

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On August 28th, CSY led the army to win the August Anarchy tournament hosted by CPAWL. He helped them break their record size on their anniversary, maxing 88 at a community wide prom event. The army just kept growing even bigger under him. On October 25, they won against the Ice Warriors in the semi-finals of the Fright Or Fight tournament. The army also managed to break their CPPS era size record, maxing 113. Despite losing to the Rebels in the finals, CSY received the Silver Medal from Mchappy for his contribution to the army. In his most recent debacle, he led the army to the finals of the March Madness tournament, losing to the Ice Warriors. However, they pulled of an amazing size, maxing 97.

To find out more about his career and experiences, CP Army Headquarters interviewed CSY.

What was the reason for your rejoining ACP in 2019? And was the first event you led, titled “Probably the best AUSIA event of ACP”, actually the best AUSIA event back then?

Well, I think a multitude of factors contributed to me rejoining to be honest. Firstly, my last run in ACP ended with me just not logging on for several months before I was demoted (long story), which I always felt bad about not giving it a full run. Mchappy was in the old AUS server asking if anyone wanted to lead ACP AUS again. I think it was also around the time kaileys open letter came out, but when I heard about it I was curious and “missed the drama” and “fragility of friendships” in CPA :ACWary: . So yeah, a combination of everything gave me the urge to rejoin ACP for a final run.

I’m not sure if it’s the best AUS event yet for new gen, though I know AUS has always been a struggling division and whilst I’m not exactly sure if it’s numerically the best event, I was happy with how it turned out in terms of sizes and tactics. Of course there would be much to learn about tactics, though…

What’s your favorite memory from leading ACP?

Lots of great memories from leading ACP – from some really fun events, to some great battles we’ve fought. But possibly my favorite memory is the Premier League Tournament days, alongside funky and max, where throughout the tournament the hype was truly insane in many ways. From pushing to recruit, to DM everyone, to train the army; to the #threesnottwos that came about then, to battling the Help Force and becoming victorious. This was honestly my first battle/tournament with stakes and heck it was a good run.

What is the meaning of #threesnottwos?

So basically in the tournament, they had something called tactic scores which was out of 3. We were given 2 despite what I personally (ofc I’m biased) felt was a great showing from us in less than stellar rooms (there was a room with a permanent wave animation that lagged everyone out). We were unfortunately awarded 2 points, and so this began #threesnottwos and #werisefromthis, where we vowed to win the next battle with 3 tactic points and sharpen up our skills – which is exactly what we did

What are your hobbies outside of CPA, and how do you manage such irl things with leading a major army

I study medicine full time so honestly that takes up most of my time – though I do enjoy it and would consider reading and learning neurology related advances a hobby. I also enjoy rubik’s cubes and other twisty puzzles, and whenever a new pokemon game comes out, rest be assured I’m on it asap :p
In terms of managing irl and leading – honestly I have my amazing staff team to thank. Through thick and thin many have stood with ACP and they really help when I’m not free – I can always focus on IRL knowing that ACP will be fine. So yeah shout-out to ACP HCom (:

CSY’s dedication to his army and his determination in real life as well as online is iconic. As he continues to lead the Army of Club Penguin to more victories and high spots on the Top Ten, he also makes several unforgettable memories. It will be interesting to see what adventures and misadventures he embarks on next!

What do YOU think? What will be CSY’s next pun? Will he get bullied for it? Will he ever get justice for all the months he has to wait for Pokemon games? Let us know in the comments section below! 

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Headquarters Editor In Chief


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