New Wave: Oreo and Misty Installed as Newest Water Vikings Leaders

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In yet another series of Water Vikings leadership changes, Misty and Oreo recently joined the leadership ranks. What led to their promotions?

On April 27th, 2021, Kingfunks4 announced Oreo & Misty as the new leadership team of the Water Vikings. The duo started off their army career in the Vikings and have shown extreme loyalty to the army.  Ever since they joined the blue army as recruits, they’ve stuck by it, helping the Vikings any way they can. Their dedication and hard work played a huge part in their promotions. In his announcement, Kingfunks states that they both did a fantastic job as Second In Commands. There’s no doubt that they will continue being dedicated as leaders.

The announcement of Oreo and Misty’s promotions to Leader.

CP Army Headquarters decided to interview both Oreo and Misty about their new ranks. Let’s see what they have to say!

How did you initially react to being promoted, after all this time with the Water Vikings?

Oreo: Well, I was expecting new leaders because of others retiring and I knew I was next in line. I’ve wanted Leader since the day I joined Water Vikings so I was really happy when I got the promo.

Misty: When Funks announced that Oreo and I were promoted, I was nervous; knowing that I have to uphold the legacy of the Leaders that came before me. It’s a terrifying yet exciting concept. When I finally absorbed the news, I couldn’t have been happier!

What are some of your plans for the army going forward?

Oreo: I want to make the community even better than it already is, and make it a fun place for people to hang out! I would also love to rise in the top ten.
Misty: My biggest priority is to restore the same feeling of community the Water Vikings had when I first joined in October last year. I intend to take this army to greater heights along with my fellow leader, Oreo (#MireoTheInevitable) and highly capable staff team. I also have some new ideas for WV which will come to light soon. Big things are coming 😉

What has been one of your favorite memories since you joined the community?

Oreo: Honestly, my favorite memories have been getting to know all the wonderful people out there. Some of my greatest friends have been ones that I’ve made in Water Vikings.
Misty: Wow, there’s so many to pick from. The friends I’ve made, the stimulating conversations I’ve had, how can I choose? I think my favorite moment would have to be when we were talking about the existence of God in the server, and I joking said “God has to exist for something this beautiful to exist right?” with reference to a picture of food that I had just sent. However, Cotton beat me to the punch and sent a picture of a typical Hindi good morning message every Indian kid has suffered through in their family WhatsApp group. I feel this memory perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to be in the Water Vikings server – a semi-serious conversation interrupted by jokes and shitposting that has everyone clutching their tummies

What’s one thing you look forward to now that you’re Leader?

Oreo: I look forward to bringing the army to new heights with misty by my side.
Misty: I’m looking forward to having more female leaders. Before me and Oreo, this generation has only seen Viv and Bluey lead. It’s exciting to see more women in powerful positions both in WV and across other armies as well. Women Vikings of CP here we come!
Both Oreo and Misty seem like they have what it takes to play such an important role in the army. It will be exciting to see what the new leaders will do to help build the army.
What do YOU think of this promotion? Do you think the new leaders will bring a wave of new ideas to WV? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below!
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